Top 10 Luxury Car Rental Companies In Dubai

Dubai- where luxury reigns with all extravagance.  Blessed with all wealth and beauty, Dubai offers a wide range of charm for every visitor.

As the most lavish emirate around UAE, the streets of Dubai serve as a ramp for luxury cars. Also, the whole city is adorned with modern architectural wonders.

It is impossible to experience the real magnificence of Dubai short of a ride in a luxury car.

Luckily, the visitors are fortunate to have a ride anywhere they wish in Dubai, thanks to luxury car rental companies in Dubai.

They offer a wide array of exotic vehicles for hire. However, we cannot guarantee all of it is our cup of coffee.

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The rent, service and policies are different. So, here we are listing some of the best luxury car rental companies in Dubai.

1. Platinum Luxury Cars


Being a loyal partner in provision of luxury car rental in UAE, Platinum Luxury Cars is a recommended provider in luxury car rental service.

Their flamboyant collection of luxurious vehicles of all brands is open for all who have a love for a lush ride across Dubai.


The list of exciting services spans from chauffeur to sports vehicles of all lush. Further, Platinum Luxury Car promising an appealing and well-timed customer supports.

Interestingly, the luxury 7 seated vehicles are an exclusive category for those who love to see the extravaganza of Dubai with family or friends.

2. AL Jalil Rental Dubai 


For AL Jalilrental Dubai, luxury is a not just the matter for elites, they make it available for everyone.

With a generous chauffeur and car rental service they provide excellent luxury travel experience around Dubai.

Also, they deliver the service at the door step of customer regardless of location. They offer free pick up and drop as per the convenience of customer.

Plus, they are up 24/7 for all inquiries and to take bookings as well. Their customer centered dealing made all the luxury at a sensible cost.

3. Be VIP Rent a Car


Being one of the leading luxury car rental companies in UAE, “Be VIP Rent a Car” adding luxury across the streets of Dubai since 2012.

Be VIP Rent a car provides various rental services spans from luxury cars for all occasions, Limousine, chauffeur service and luxurious yacht rental services also.

The seasonal discounts and offers on car rents is a best deal for every visitors in Dubai. Moreover, they bid additional discounts for subscribing to their newsletter as well.

Further, with a proactive customer support crew they provide best in class service all around.

Moreover, they bid additional discounts for subscribing to their newsletter as well. Further, with a proactive customer support crew they provide best in class service all around.

4. Number One Car Rental


Since 2014, Number One Car Rental has been functioning as a promising merchant of luxury cars for hire service.

Delivering the most prestigious luxury cars they have been fulfilling the dreams of every customer.

Further, they help the travelers to find the best luxury hotel anywhere in Dubai at the best rate.

Hence, Number One Car Rental service offers a comprehensive luxury package to suffice every need of a visitor in Dubai.

5. Edel & Stark


Edel and Stark is a widespread name in the luxury market. Spanned across the world, Edel& Stark offers a world- class luxury fleet service in UAE.

Their wide array of service not only involves in luxury cars rental but also in air traveling service and chauffeur service.

Their wide array of service not only involves in luxury cars rental but also in air traveling service and chauffeur service.

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Sports car tour is one of the exciting dishes they offer in UAE. In addition, they are live 24/7 for take reservations and answer any customer questions.

Plus, their short term and long term rental service open a customizable car rental plan for the customers.

6. One Click Drive


A single point where we can meet more than fifty car rental suppliers of all size and shape. Functioning over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman they offer cheap budget cars and luxury car rental services.

They are serving as a platform to meet the right rental provider across UAE and help to meet our choice car rentals partner.

Involving cars of all range, One Click Drive is an ideal solution for everyone. We can select from more than 50,000 verities of vehicles from their list. Also, they’re providing chauffeur service along with the cars.

7. Prox Car Rental


Started from the love for exotic cars, Prox car rental is an outstanding car rental enterprise in Dubai.

Functioning with a broad prospect Prox Car Rental extends luxury car rental service for both local and international tourists across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Maintaining the highest quality and cost effective service, they become a popular choice among the car rental providers of UAE.

Besides, they offer car leasing service across UAE. Their friendly and polite customer service provides round the clock support for the customers. 

8. Luxury Plus Cars


Opening the opportunity to taste the luxury of travel to everyone, “Luxury Plus Cars” serves as an best luxury car rental provider in UAE.

With the flamboyant history of 5000 satisfied customers Luxury Plus Cars continuing their journey with the promising excellence in service.

As a loyal luxury car rental dealer in Dubai, they are expanding their services to upkeep the long term relations with customer and enterprises.

9. Alwaahid Rent a Car


Alwaahid rent a Car offers a lot of reasons to go for a luxury ride in Dubai. Offering more discounts and deals for the customer, they inspire them to keep riding.

Their seamless booking process enables anyone to have a comfy travel experience in any of the most prestigious cars in the world.

Furthermore, their humble customer support is another factor that keeps these name inside every customer while searching for another luxury ride.

10. Apex 


Offering a wide range of exotic luxury cars to choose, Apex serves as one of the best luxury companion in Dubai with an affordable expense.

Whether it is a business trip or a leisure visit, Apex offers all sort of luxury car service across Dubai.

Whether it is a business trip or a leisure visit, Apex offers all sort of luxury car service across Dubai.

Being a promising car rental partner Apex guarantees an exceptional customer service. The free pickup and drop service is a reliable travel solution for foreign travelers.

The range of services spans from Chauffeur service, Convertible cars, SUV, Prom cars, Wedding limos, Limousines, Sports cars etc.

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The24/7 personal reservation facility that enables anyone can reserve their choice car from their website is a thrilling experience.

Plus, by delivering the best customer support and exciting traveling experience this is a best choice to be considered.


The list luxury car rental providers in Dubai never end here. There are plenty of small and large service providers across Dubai.

However, we hope this list make your search quite easier. Although, all of them are providing the same service, the listed providers are found to be trending.

Hope you can find the right travel partner, happy journey.

Top 5 School Transport Services in UAE

Transporting children from home and school is a process requires additional attention and care. It entails serious responsibilities and duties as well.

Though there are several service providers, the reliable and secure commuting service providers are few in school transportation sector.

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However, let’s see some of the school transport service providers which are equipped with trained school bus drivers, staffs, security and with all safety standards.

1. School Transport Services (STS)

STS is a recognized school transport service provider honored by the prestigious quality measuring bodies of the transportation sector in UAE.

Built on the foundation of safety and security STS offers a safe journey for the students.

Embedded with efficient fleet management technologies they ensure reliable school transportation service for every student.


In addition, every school bus of STS is mounded with real-time monitoring devices such as camera, GPS tracking devices, smart cards.

Following and recommending stringent codes of conduct STS promises the behavior of drivers and staff are good enough.

Further, providing conductor service for every bus and appropriate care for students of all age, STS is functioning as a valued school transportation service provider.


  • Customized Service Plans
  • Live Control-room-operation
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Parent smart App
  • Well Trained Driver
  • Safety Measures
  • Well Maintained Vehicle

2. Arab falcon Bus Rental LLC

Functioning as one of the best reliable and secure school and staff transportation service provider, Arab falcon Bus rental LLC is a promising transportation service provider.

Offering an exclusive customer care service for parents they guarantee a tense-free school transportation service.

Powered with advanced GPS technologies and efficient fleet management systems they are providing transparent transport service for students.

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Also, keeping the local as well as national standers Arab Falcon Bus Rental has been serving as a reputed school transportation service provider around UAE.


  • Regular Inspection
  • Safety Measures
  • Security surveillance
  • Trained driver
  • Foreman Service
  • Customer Care
  • Real-time Tracking
  • CCTV Surveillance

3. Fancy Transport

With a legacy of more than 15 years Fancy Transport is functioning as an established transportation service provider in UAE.

Offering an affordable and equally comfortable shuttling service they are synonymous in supplying quality School transit service.

As the top large scale transportation provider their services are far and wide.

Including daily commuting service and one side conveyance service they are capable enough to carry out any sort of transportation with automated scheduling and fleet management technologies.

Their services spans over school transportation, crew transit, city tour trips, short conveyance etc. and all this can be tailored according to the requirements as well.


  • Tailor-made Service
  • Security Enabled
  • Safety Features
  • School Bus Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking

4. Swat Transport

Swat is a passenger conveyance service supplier thriving in bus rental service across the UAE.

Including school, staff transportation and long lease rental service their operations extents all across UAE in bus renting business.

Furnished with all kind of wagons that can afford 10- 84 people at a time, Swat provides buses for small family trips to corporates trips for transnational corporations.

Further, they are readily open for cater to any kind of customer bus requirement.

Their expert driver and support team ensures to provide a well-organized and safe commute for school students without composmising the safety standards and policies.


  • Trained Driver
  • Safety Measures
  • RTA & DOT compliance
  • Customized Service
  • Real-time Monitoring

5. Shanawaz Group

As a professional bus rental enterprise in UAE, Shanawaz Group is a big-boss in this industry since years.

Complying with all security and safety constraints their buses are serving the schools with due diligence.

Importantly, concentrating on safety, security and comfort of travelers, they are very attentive in keeping it on the track.

Without compromising any of the safety and security measures Shanawas Group has been diligently working to deliver a promising transit for student across UAE.


  • RFID Tracker
  • GPS Trackers
  • CCTV Footage
  • Petrol Engine Bus
  • Trained Driver
  • Air Condition
  • RTA & DOT compliance


Though school transportation is an intense task to manage, it is always better to have a research before jumping on to the offers of service providers.

Also, we have to assure of whether the promised facilities are keeping up or not.

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The selection of school bus drivers, staffs and the functioning of the entire operation have to be considered prior to picking the right supplier.

Hope this list helps you to find the best school transport service providers in UAE.

Desert Driving – Complete Guide

Whereas driving in the desert is as crazy as a thrilling off-road trip. It takes a lot of tricks and effort for enjoying the ride. Of all the kinds of off-road vibes, desert driving has a pretty amazingly beautiful experience.

The sand dunes, the outcrops and the steep sandy cliffs fill us with the thrill of adventure.

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In fact, in Dubai, desert refers to an expanse of sand dunes designed for free drive and adventure sports. Over there, desert driving is not an exhausting hauling beneath the scorching sun.

However, desert driving really demands uncommon skills in driving and required a few additional precautions.


To sheer across the sand dunes and outcrops few more unusual quirks are essential. Mostly in tackling the fine sand sea and keeping the momentum with lower gears ratios.

Also, the vehicle that carries the travelers has to be equipped well to surf over the sandy high and low terrains.

Let’s know more,

Suitable Vehicles for Desert Driving:

Desert driving is not a cup for all runabouts. It takes certain exceptional caliber to surf over the fine scorching sand. Normally, nothing less than a 4WD is essential for a desert trip. However, souped-up two-wheel-drive vehicles can be also used over the sandy terrains.

Vehicles with high and low range gear ratios will help to tackle the puzzling terrains to upkeep the momentum and movement. Further, vehicles equipped with diff-locks, automatic gear and tire inflation system will lessen our effort in desert driving.

Let’s see few recommended vehicles for desert driving.

  • Toyota land Cruiser
  • Volvo Cross Country XC70
  • Jeep wrangler Rubicon Unlimited
  • Subaru Forester
  • Mercedes G-class
  • Ford Raptor
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Suzuki Samurai

Essential Equipment’s for desert driving:

Unsolicited would be most of the incidents in a desert adventure ride. Yeah, there is no adventure in keeping everything under control. But, we have to equip enough to surpass any stumbling moments across our trip.

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Especially, in the desert, we cannot expect everything will happen in favorable for us. Many of our staple rescue techniques may not necessarily work as usual. More of the times, we have to rely on specific tools and precautions to skips those troubles.

Hence, we required to carry few tools and safety measure for a hassle-free desert ride.

Such as:

  • A well serviced 4WD vehicle with all off-roading add-ons.
  • Heavy duty towing ropes and rescue tools (shovels, traction board, jack, tool kitand winch).
  • Spare air checked tire and foot pump.
  • GPS, Mobile Phone, portable charger and printed map.
  • First aid kit, food and water
  • Torch, cap and shades.

Preferred Driving Practice

Driving in desert is no monkey business. It takes serious practice and skills. Bashing over the dunes requires specific driving practices.

There are certain speed ratios and terrain rules to abide by for sheering across the desert. A slight ignorance may drown our wagons into the sand sea.

From the selection of a route to the prediction of weather matters in desert riding itinerates. A handful of serious training even for skilled on-road drivers is most recommendable for a safe and secure desert-ride.

Since the terrain and the environment is quite new for everyone, we have to exercise the recommended mode of conduct while driving on the desert.

  • Select the suitable route chart.
  • Ensure all relevant documents including safari guide permits and Insurance.
  • Maintain enough speed and avoid hasty breaking.
  • Try to balance the vehicle with its weight.
  • Plan before stopping; prefer gentle downhill to take a break.
  • Avoid breaking at the messy surfaces and while moving up.
  • Keep distance between other wagons and be in their visibility.
  • Adjust the tire pressure appropriately for the route condition.
  • Have an eye over the rocks and desert habitats.

Time and Location

The itch for thrill while driving across desert is amazing. However, it all depends upon the degree of safety that we can assure on the journey.

Though a crazy desert trip cannot be list under a safe journey, we can ensure a safe journey by some cautious practices. Finding a healthy seating position to picking a challenging but secure route matters in a desert drive.

Hence while selecting the location and time, there have to give room for few precautious decisions.

  • Keep the pace under control; decide the speed seeing the terrain.
  • Sticking to the prefixed route avoids additional risk.
  • Be seated comfortably and buckle yourself.
  • Higher the seats for a better path visibility.
  • While driving keep your thumps outside.
  • Going as a group is recommended.
  • Survey your visible location always.
  • Avoid night driving.

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Desert driving is a wholesome experience. The expedition brings new vibes and cheers our heart. However, it takes some factors to consider and matters to follow. Keeping all of it doubles our journey and ensures our safety either.

Have a happy desert drive!

7 Essential Skills To Become A Successful Fleet Manager

Many of us may think that the role of a fleet manager is quite hilarious as if –a back seat driver. They can drive the fleet crazily all their way from there comfort. In fact, a good fleet manager is not a reckless person who steers their fleets as they wish but handles everything systematically and productively.

As we look at the fleet manager, they are who set the hard and fast rules of the fleets assigned.

Their duties involve selecting the most suitable vehicles, scheduling the routes, assigning the drivers, recommending the service and maintenance, updating the documents and the list of duties and the chart and is endless.

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As the purpose of the fleet and the kind of services changes, the job of the fleet manager varies. Nevertheless, regardless of the challenges, all it needs is proper coordination and better communication.

Since single drivel can turn the business at stake, it is a job of attention and agility.

Today, let’s check what skills can make you a successful fleet manager.

1. Be a pro-multitasker

The best feature in a multitasker would be the ability to act lively on different tasks. Hence, for fleet management no less than a buzzing multitasker can handle this job.

There will be days when you can’t even sit back and take a breath to relax. The wagons and its drivers may screech from nowhere for help.

Also, you have to meet the productive scale on a day-to-day basis. From the procurement of new vehicles to bidding farewell to the decades-old vehicles may come on a single day. So, a fleet manager should be able to tackle any matter arising around the vehicles.

 The fleet manager will be the only contact point for all the troubles coming across the way. Further, the manager should be up-to-date with the changing compliance of all sorts of vehicles and its road rules either.

So be a pro-multitasker all the way to cater to the needs of the fleets and the drivers. Be on the toe all the time. 

2. Be scheduled intact

The fleets can’t make a move until they get a command. Because the bridle is with the fleet manager!

Of the tens of hundreds of tasks, there will be jobs that require different degree of attention. Sorting the productive and unproductive works is more vital for stacking the tasks properly on a daily basis.

Surprisingly, there won’t be many days with fewer schedules. Hence, a simplified schedule will help you to break down the tasks in a handy manner.

Always upkeep the list of vehicles and their working condition. Get updates from the drivers every day. Maintain a day-to-day log that can produce for future reference.

Also, schedule the fleets and its according routes at least a day before. Educate the driver about the productivity index that the company follows.

Plus, the adequacy to meet compliance and discipline on road. And be ready with the action plan for the troubles coming from nowhere.

Hence, a good schedule always enables you to follow up and meet everyday jobs pretty well.

3. Be a vehicle enthusiast          

Like the saying, it takes a thief to catch a thief, and it is no different in the automobile sector. Only an automobile savvy can find out the issues on a vehicle precisely.

Being a fleet manager, it is better to have a clear understanding of the basic working principles of vehicles. Specifically, to scale the value of various issues coming across vehicle management.

Moreover, having a decent knowledge of automobile mechanisms will help to communicate better with the drivers. Further, it enables us to make decisions quite easily at times.

Similarly, always update the technological as well as technical knowledge. Thus, you can upscale and optimize the fleet operation more profitably.

4. Be a tech enthusiast

The wave of technology has reached over the shores of fleet management as well. The modes of managing fleets and its intricate operations are regulated by digital and mobile technology.

Amazingly, these software has cut down the more than half of the workload of the managers all the way.

Today, fleet management software is the lead role that is in control of fleet operations. 

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It encircles almost every aspect of fleet such as recommending the best routes, tracking the wheels, reporting to the events, updating the data, scheduling the trips and communication between the drivers on the ride.

If you are familiar with the technologies and software, you can easily educate the drivers to simplify their jobs too. It simply says you cannot be a successful fleet manager while indifferent to emerging technologies. So be a good tech enthusiast especially in the vehicle technologies.

5. Be a good communicator

The very trouble arising amid the employees and the employer is mostly triggered by the lack of effective communication.

The employer cannot understand what the employees have meant and the same process rotates vice-versa across the workflow.  

So, as a person who needed to rattle off with a lot of people, a fleet manager shall communicate quite effectively. Above that, it should be understandable for everyone.

Regardless of the scenario, the fleet manager could mitigate the issue without compromising on the other responsibilities.

Further, be a good listener too. Understand their problems and the worries of drivers. Resolve it in the meantime. Also, if you have the flair to educate the employees proficiently, the half job is done. Hence, just be a good communicator.

6. Be a leader and an analyst

What makes a manager stands out is the ability to lead a team professionally. Hence a fleet manager is supposed to be more of a leader than a manager. The fleet and the drivers are led by the fleet manager alone, so this skill is a must have for every fleet manager.

When a hurdle pops up over the route or an unfortunate event has occurred during a trip, the fleet manager should be capable of dealing and leading the situation to a good resolution.

As a role of numerous responsibilities, a fleet manager is the very point of contact that every fleet sharpens their ears more accurately for making a move. Thus the role demands a conscious analysis of every process happening across the sector as well.

7. Be up-to-date

How annoying it would be when our manager repeats the same old story again and again? Undoubtedly, it sounds mundane and no one gives an ear.

Particularly, in fleet management, a lot of intuitive changes and updates come over time. The legislation, compliance, rules, and regulations have a thrilling tendency to vacillate often. And the changes may often influence by climate, seasons and movements in-laws.

Moreover, the age of the vehicle, maintenance cycle, duty schedules, certificates, and permits, policies also expire and need to renew yearly.

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So, it is the duty of a fleet manager to follow up every string that follows the fleets and update it accordingly. Hence, it demands a skill to gather and share up-to-date information.


However, the attributes are numerous that can up-skill our abilities to become a successful fleet manager. The above list is a few of the important qualities that we have to master.

As a manager, we would be expected to cater to all the requirements for the management as well as the subordinates. Hence it takes all these skills to function our jobs productively. 

Top 10 Taxi Meters

The word taxi is a metonym for the hired cars which uses the taximeter. A taximeter is an electronic or mechanical device embedded with the cabs to calculate passenger fares based on the distance traveled and waiting time.

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Initially, taximeters ware a mechanical device which was mounted outside the cabs in front of the driver side above the wheels. Since the arrival of electronic meters in 1980s, they found space inside the cab.

As time flows new innovations were made to the device making it smarter, and easier for the users. Today, taxi meters are well equipped with all sort of technologies.

The electronic meters came with a set of features and accessories such as,

  • Fraud control and prevention
  • Dispatching of trip assignments
  • Radio communication
  • Interaction with GPS systems
  • Credit/ prepaid card support
  • Ticket/receipt printer
  • Seat sensors
  • Bluetooth and USB support

This whitepaper portrait the best taximeters available in the market today based on its features.

1. Equinox P/G


Approved by the CE 2014/32/UE directive and working on an Android OS platform the Equinox P/G has already revolutionized the taxi industry. Utilizing speed sensors, Integrated Fiscalisation and state of the art hardware equipments the Equinox P/G is providing you with every component required for efficient fleet management.

The Equinox P/G is unique in the industry because of its unrivalled features such as

  • Fights Tax Evasion
  • Expanding Options of Payment
  • Digital Communication
  • Extensive Safety Measures
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cutting  Edge Technology

2. Digitax Force One


DigitaxForceOne is the first taximeter which has a mobile data terminal that has a Type P-MID (2004/22/EC Directive) and OIML R21 Certifications.

DigitaxForceOne is a unique taximeter with embedded Navigation functionalities and mobile data terminal. With internal features like a high precision GPS receiver and a GPRS module the device is able to generate user applications for dispatching taxi, for effectively managing the fleets, and manifesting the taximeter data.

The DigitaxForceOne has two CPU’s and runs on a Microsoft Windows CE Operating System. The primary processor of this device provides all the functionalities of the taximeter and the secondary processor handles the functionalities of the Mobile Data Terminal.

3. Force One Navigator


The ForceOne Navigator is a compact ALL-IN-ONE solution for fleet management and job dispatching from Digitax Automotive Electronics.

With one USB Device (up to 2 Serial Ports) and two USB Hosts, the device offers communicational channels with the outside environment. The DigitaxForceOne Navigator consists of two memory disks

  • Flash drive: Stores applications and data of the device
  • Micro SD: Used for storing large data like maps, logs, images, movies and device backup.

The ForceOne Navigator comes with a special operating mode called the stealth mode in which the system is working while the display is off. The stealth mode has three advantages

  • Driver Control
  • Alarm managing
  • Ghost Mode

4. X-One Plus


The X-One Plus is the state-of-the-art, compact solution for fleet management and job dispatching from Digitax Automotive Electronics.

The I/O panel of the DigitaxX-One Plus consists of one USB OTG / Device (up to 7 Serial Ports) and two Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hosts. The X-One Plus comes with a double boot feature which allows the device to boot from two different microSDHC.

The DigitaxX-One plus Navigator also comes with a special operating mode called the stealth mode. The stealth mode has three advantages

  • Driver Control
  • Alarm managing
  • Ghost Mode

5. F4 Slim


Certified by E-MARK, OIML notified body and European MID the F4 Slim taximeter is the new generation state of the art smart taximeter.

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The F4 Slim satisfiesevery international standard for Taximeters set by the“OIML R21” of the “International Organization of Legal Metrology”.

6. F4 Plus


The innovative F4 plus taximeter comes from a line of new generation smart taximeters.

The art F4 plus satisfies all international regulations set forward by “OIML R21” of the “International Organization of Legal Metrology”, and is certified by European MID, OIML notified body, and E-MARK.

The art F4 plus smart taximeter is embedded with several components such as:

  • GPS receiver module with built-in antenna
  • Taximeter module
  • 3G modem/ GPRS with built-in antenna
  • Bluetooth module
  • Inertial accelerator
  • Printer

7. Panther P6S


Manufactured with a professional design and techniques, which satisfies the needs of every professional driver the PANTHER P6S is a modernized taximeter.

 Available in three variants (fare, black, and gray) its major advantages is elegance, practicality and small size. Due to its small size the device can be easily installed and dismantled in any vehicle.

The PANTHER P6S is approved with respect to the European standards 2004/22 EC MID

8. Hale SPT-02


With years of experience in this field HALE offers the SPT-02 for the future. This is the second edition of the unrivalled integration of the software and quality mirror.

HALE SPT-02 made breakthrough by setting standards in quality and performance. Several integrations like the CiA CAN protocol in a taximeter was introduced with this product.

The HALE SPT-02 is now accessible with MID approval for the complete EU and all the features of SPT-01.

9. Panther P6C


Categorized under small taximeters the PANTHER P6C satisfies the requirements of every professional cab driver.

The PANTHER P6C is approved with respect to European standards 2004/22 EC MID. The major advantages of this taximeter are its contemporary look, small size, and clear indications. Because of its mini size this device can be easily installed or dismantled in any vehicle.

10. Hale Microtax-06


HALE Microtax-06 is a simple taximeter which is easy to install since it’s in the size of a radio.TheHALE Microtax-06taximeter is an all-rounder defined by its stylish design, multiple functions and illuminated keys.

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Commonly known as the perfect taximeter for taxi fleets and single proprietors the HALE Microtax-06 will prepare you for the future.

The famous HALE extension products like Cab Dispatch for remote vehicle tracking and multiport printer TPD-01 can be easily integrated with this device.

Without demounting the device you can easily install software extensions via flashable program memory.


Like any other electronic product, technology has overturned the way taxi meters worked date back. The different types of taxi meters with diversified functionalities are making the commercial fleet industry easy and hassle-free. All we have to do is understand the requirements and pick the right product.

Hope you got all the relevant information about taxi meter. Have a good day.

6 Tips For Effective Fleet Maintenance

Effective fleet maintenance is a productive practice for keeping enterprises on a roll. Though it is a mundane task demanding day-to-day attention it cannot be neglected. Keeping the fleets ready for the trips helps the enterprises to optimize time as well as productivity pretty efficiently.

Surprisingly, today we have a lot of technological options to figure out the issues evolving in the fleet operation in advance. Thus, the major cause that hinders the seamless working cycles can be mitigated via these advances in fleet management technologies.

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However, let see a few tips for effective fleet maintenance here.

1. Appropriate Vehicle Selection

Sadly, an unhealthy practice that is prevailing among most of the small and medium enterprises is the inappropriate selection of vehicles. Instead of procuring pertinent runabouts they prefer multipurpose vehicles that cater to all sort of purpose.

In fact, in the long run, enterprises have to splash a huge amount to maintaining these vehicles. Also, procuring relevant vehicles help a lot to save time and money. Further, it helps to upkeep a healthy fleet management cycle as well.

Moreover, having a clear understanding of the purpose of vehicles and its demand in the business will enable the business owners to optimize the fleet selection.

2. Preventive Maintenance

Around 50 % of issues arising over the vehicles can be eliminated by periodic inspection and timely service. Checking the wheels and its alignments, applying lubricants at the proper intervals and checking fluids and transmission systems reduce the maintenance frequencies as well as increase the efficiency of vehicles.

In fact, the lack of regular inspection costs a lot and ends in unexpected downtimes to business.

Making inspection a habit is a productive exercise that helps to maintain the fleets industriously. Figuring out the issues and fixing it quickly helps to run an uninterrupted fleet operation regularly.

Further, leveraging fleet management software for finding the issues at an early age and replacing the weak parts and repairing the issues will help the fleet owners to prevent unnecessary money loss. 

3. Regular Monitoring

Monitoring the day-to-day activities of fleet allow us to optimize its operation. Including the work cycle, fleet routes, fuel efficiency, maintenance frequency, productivity and all sorts of activities relating to the fleet operations has to be monitored more often.

Recording all these data will help the fleet owners to gather the most efficient practice and subsequently formulate an optimized fleet maintenance frequency to exercise.

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Though driver behavior is a noticeable factor in fleet efficiency, by monitoring the driving style and behavior of drivers the fleet owners can assume the most cost-effective plan fleet maintenance cycle to practices.

4. Stringent Fleet Compliance

Formulating a strict fleet policy to follow would help enterprises to bring almost everything in the beeline. Educate the company policies of fleet operation to the drivers enable them to comply with the rules and road laws.

The vision of organizations and the requirements that they are striving to achieve can be conveyed through a healthy policy. Thereby, fleet employees can follow up with the policies and work accordingly.

Encouraging practicing a good fleet management policy helps to grow a responsible work culture among the vehicle staff and inspire to report relevant matters in the meantime as well.

5. Clear Communication and Training                                                      

Training is an essential factor to mitigate fleet maintenance. There may be drivers of unlike driving styles and skills. However, giving proper training to handle the particular vehicle and the technologies attached with it mitigates a large sum of troubles at once.

Today, as the fleet technologies are booming in helping the fleet managers to optimize the operations, training the drivers to use those technologies always add productive inputs into the whole system especially in keeping the working momentum.

Timely communication is a big helping tool in the fleet industry. Through the proper exchange of communication fleet owners can eliminate unnecessary quarrels and contradiction with the employees. Specifically, drivers can immediately inform about the maintenance requirements to the managers. Also, if they are getting trained they can resolve minor issues on the trip itself.

Informing the changes of routes, additional emergency tasks and listening to the drivers would help to schedule the works at the convenience of both the parties.

6. Employ Fleet Technologies

The fleet industry is no short of technologies today. There are plenty of diversified technologies such as fleet management software and fleet management systems for optimize out the fleet operations.

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Therefore, employing appropriate technology supports in the vehicle enables to manage the vehicles more efficiently. The fleet management software that is able to monitor and scan out the entire vehicles helps further to figure out the issues that are hidden from our eyes as well. Thus, it opens a gate for an efficient fleet maintenance operation.


Fleet management can be done today in many ways. However, to keep it efficient we have to follow up some fruitful tips as mentioned above. Hence, practicing it will help you out to upkeep an efficient fleet operation all around. 

5 Essential Safety Tips For Fleet Drivers

Every dutiful driver is an asset for enterprises and amazingly they can cut down the mind-numbing tasks of fleet managers to half. Hence, driver Safety is a key factor to look over in fleet operation. Moreover, for nothing can offset a life, every fleet driver life is a matter for care.

Every day the number of road accidents is growing even worse. Despite the stringent traffic policies and technologies, the rate of human errors in causing accidents is also growing in number day after day.

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Technologies in the fleet industry today are trying restlessly to mitigate road accidents. Further, to ensure no life ends on the roads they are working to make safe- autonomous vehicles as well. despite all these efforts, the number of fatal accidents is not reducing on a larger scale.

However, there are few follow-worth tips that help for a secure drive.

 Let look at some of the good practices for a safe drive.

1. Preventive Maintenance

Unexpected breakdowns are always a haunting pain for fleet drivers. In addition, it may cause severe life-threatening incidents on the trips. But, most of it can be prevented by periodic inspection and services. Keeping an eye on the tires, engine lubricants, transmission, brakes, and lights would enable the fleet to keep rolling uninterruptedly.

Timely service is another must-follow process in fleet operation to prevent unnecessary maintenance. Replacing the rubbed off and burned out parts at the right time will allow a seamless machine operation. Thereby we can maintain a safe journey.

2. Defensive Driving

Driving on the busy roads are more like a matter of luck today. Though we take much caution on every tweak and turn, the proneness for a hit is high. So acquiring some defensive driving skills will enable us to avoid the chances of unintentional collisions. also, these skills help to skip mischevious drivers across the trip.

Hazardous drivers are growing in number on the roads and multitasking while driving rising the accident rate as well.

So some quick quirks such as keeping focus, maintaining a proper distance, adhering to the lane discipline and never underestimating other drivers help us to maintain a defensive driving practice.

3. Prepare for the Weather

Weather is an open-ended companion for fleet drivers. Sometimes it soothes the drivers and other times its rage is unbearable. However, drivers have to be prepared to encounter any sort of weather condition across their way.

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In addition, maintaining the tire condition, brake, and transmission alignments, lights and signals enable the fleets to confront the odd weather conditions quite effectively.

Taking proper decisions according to the poor driving conditions such as speed limit, lane disciplines and gaps between vehicles will help to keep the vehicle from unintended collisions. Further, in foggy times, appropriate light signals can help us out for a safe drive.

4. Adhere to Lane Discipline

Sticking close with the lane discipline can save our fleet as well as our time, indeed. However, it works only if all of the drivers would think so…

Distractive driving is the major cause that always disorders the lane discipline. Also, the rush to reach the destination may force the drivers to breach the rules often. So, try to avoid the last minute rush and distractive driving trends while behind the wheels.

Nevertheless, obeying the signals, following the rules and helping other vehicles to toe the line enables every vehicle to have a tense-free drive across the roads.

5. Avoid Fatigue Driving

Lack of rest is one of the scary challenges that put the drivers’ life at risk while driving. The mundane long- hauling trips tire out the body of drivers and it weighs down their energy level as well. So, taking proper rest is important to prevent fatigue driving.

Further, the risks coupling with sleepless work schedule is not only the proneness to accidents but also serious health problems such as hypertension, stress, risk of heart diseases and stroke, aches, obesity, etc.       

Taking proper sleep and food at the right time and at the right amount is the solution for avoiding fatigue driving. Unfortunately, the work-life balance of fleet drivers cannot be fixed as other jobs for it takes a lot of factors to coincide.

Hence, take appropriate breaks from continues work hours and try to work on a shift based system to avoid unfavorable incidents across the trips.


Since safety is the main concern in fleet operation, we have to adhere to several factors across the roads. By keeping all the possible road rules allow us to create a safe traffic environment not only for us but also for others.

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Thus, getting technology supports that can give predictive insights such as Fleet management software could help largely to avoid the possible odd causes. Therefore, always try to obey the rules of roads and the recommended measures to ensure a safe and secure journey.