10 Waste Collection Companies in Dubai

Making our environment a cleaner and greener place to live is everybody’s responsibility and that is why waste management is important.

The prime duty is to keep our surroundings clean and avoid littering to minimize the possible wastes in the first place itself.


However, tons of waste accumulates in highly populated cities like Dubai every day including commercial and industrial wastes.

This is one of the reasons why waste collection companies are in high demand.

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Even when there are a lot of waste collection companies in Dubai, here are a few among them that stand out in the list. 

1. Averda

This is an all in one waste management platform handling municipal waste projects, technical waste solutions and commercial collection services.

Their services include cleaning, collecting waste, sorting it out and recycling it. They compost, incinerate, and landfill the waste.

Through reliable service and technical expertise, many governments and companies are their happy clients.

Being ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 39001 and OHSAS 18001 certified, they are successfully operating in more than fourteen countries throughout the year.

Contact Details: Averda House Dubai, Averda building, Dubai Knowledge Village, PO Box 38180, Dubai, UAE

T +971 4 4497500

F +971 4 4341718

E-Mail: [email protected]

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2. Concept Zone

With a well equipped fleet, they offer flawless waste management services round the clock. The company offers a range of trolley bin services to serve the diverse waste management needs of the customers.

Customers are offered a scheduled waste collection and disposal system to improve their experience.

They handle diverse waste types including non – hazardous solid waste, residential waste from communities, commercial waste from offices and constructions and demolition industrial waste.

Contact Details: Concept Zone Exhibition Fixture FZCO, P.O.Box: 261235, Techno Park, Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

T: +971 50 342 4742

F: +971 (4) 886 7766

E-Mail: [email protected]

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3. Suez Middle East Recycling LLC (SMER)

Having operations in over 70 countries and 5 continents, Suez is a pioneer in the field of waste water and waste management.

Their services include hazardous waste collection, recycling and disposal, handling domestic municipal waste, medical waste and industrial cleaning.

They have a special team to assess the customer needs before deciding the right container size, service type, and collection frequency.

The company is a stand out with special programs for educating the community on waste management including guided tours, waste audits, technical discussion forums and tailored programs.

Contact Details: P.O.Box 11388 Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Head office address: Al Quoz industrial area 4

T: +971 4 507 0000

F: +971 4 507 0009

E-Mail: [email protected]

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4. Dotless

They are one of the leading service providers in UAE in drainage management, waste water removal and waste management.

Dotless can be a trusted partner despite the size of the waste, its type or condition. Whether it is solids, sludge, or liquids, the team can offer comprehensive waste management services.

The services are offered round the clock and all types of emergency cases are handled with a well trained and capable team.

Contact Details: Dotless Waste Managment services, Dotless FZC, PO Box 7073, United Arab Emirates

T: +971 56 803 4488

E-Mail: [email protected]

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5. Gulf Environment & Waste FZE

This is the only waste receiving & recycling facility approved by MARPOL in UAE. Their objective is to turn waste into energy.

They offer comprehensive waste management services to industrial, commercial, and local customers, thereby reducing the impact of waste on environment.

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They handle all types of waste and offer all forms of waste management services including collection, transfer and recycling.

They are focussed on getting rid of useless waste while manufacturing goods from the used.

Contact Details: P.O. Box 17168 Jebel Ali Free Zone (South) Dubai, UAE

T: +971 4 8864508

F: +971 4 8864088

E-Mail: [email protected]

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6. Globalex Enviro LLC

Being one of the best environmental service companies in Dubai, they offer a range of waste management services like waste removal, transporting along with disposal of hazardous as well as non-hazardous wastes.

They are in service for more than 10 years and handle solid and liquid waste management with assistance of well trained experts in the field.

The services are both environment friendly and cost effective.

Contact Details: Office# 321 GlobaleX Freight LLC, Al Fahad Bldg

4, Damascus St., Industrial 2, Al Qusais, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

T: +971-55-9286666

F: +971-4-2390113

E-Mail: [email protected]

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7. MR SKIPS Waste Services

Depending on the specific customer requests, the company offers different types of waste collection and management services including:

General waste collection

Manages solid waste and hazardous waste

Collects concrete waste and recyclables

They make use of trolley bins, tipper trucks, skips/containers, and pickups for flawless services.

Their services are on time and offers budget friendly packs for customers.

The main customers include major construction sites, tower blocks, offices, housing estates, labour camps, apartment buildings, airports, hotels, shopping centers, landscaping companies, residential areas and manufacturing plants.


T: +971(04) 3794989

F: +971(04) 3794969

E-Mail: [email protected]

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8. Al Nouras

This is one of the best Dubai Municipality approved waste transportation companies in UAE.

Innovative solutions and professional expertise is the key and they effortlessly handle even the hazardous waste management requirements.

Their waste collection and removal services are safe, clean and environmentally sound.

The highlight of their service is cost effective solutions for all types of waste collection and disposal including

  • Industrial & commercial waste
  • Construction & demolition waste
  • Hazardous & pharmaceutical waste
  • Medical waste
  • Residential waste

Contact Details: AL manama street 612c – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

T: +9714 333171

E-Mail: [email protected]

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9. Dulsco Waste Management Services (WMS)

They are one of the prominent IMS certified waste management companies in the UAE. Their objective is to make the environment a cleaner and greener place to live for the fellow beings.

They have well trained and specialist teams to handle collection, transportation and disposal of diverse waste types.

Their services are customized based on varying requirements and they are equipped with an extensive fleet of vehicles to suit diverse requirements.

Contact Details: Plot # 369/600, Al Quoz Industrial Area # 4, Al Quoz Industrial Area, DubaiLandmark: Near Grand City Mall, Dubai

T: +971-4–3404660

E-Mail: [email protected]

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10. TAD Environment

They are one of the few companies that work in coordination with skilled international partners to provide comprehensive waste management services.

They comply with all local and international regulations in the whole process. They are specialized in hazardous waste removal and disposal with a range of services which includes

Waste identification





Final disposal

They have years of experience in the field with expertise in waste profiling and sampling, packaging /repackaging of hazardous waste, interim storage, PCB and pesticide disposal.

Contact Details: P.O.Box 262361, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

T: +971.4.886.3244

F: +971.4.886.3245

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The listed ones are just a few waste management companies in Dubai. Customer satisfaction is the key and that is why they are fighting out to come up with innovative solutions to give the best results.

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A cleaner environment means a healthier population that lives with a better peace of mind.

Proper waste management saves the Earth and conserves energy while reducing environmental pollution.

Through effective ways to handle, treat, and dispose waste materials, these companies are helping the mankind to stay safe.

However, the society should be first educated to minimize the possible wastes in the first place itself.

Future Of Waste Collection Management And Its Benefits

In a matter of time future of waste collection management will move to electric powered vehicles. Leaving all fuel-driven vehicles back, electric vehicles overtake the entire transportation service on every sector.

The benefits of such a transportation shift are a lot. It will turn the vehicle management smart and keep it organized.

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Let see, how will be the future of waste collection management and its benefits,

Smart Waste Bin


Powered by AI and IoT, waste bin send signals to the control centers as they fills up. The embedded sensors which are connected with waste management stations receive alerts from the bins. Hence, with optimized route maps waste collection vehicles collect the refuses.

The conventional modes of waste collection process would change to a smart waste management system. The frequency of collection trips will set based on the quantity and the condition of the waste accumulated in the bin.


The types of sensors such as temperature sensors, level sensors, moisture sensors, motion sensor and location trackers helps the collection team to schedule the optimized collection trips.

The sensors inform how fast a bin has to be cleared. The location trackers and RFID tags further helps to figure out the filled bin location status of waste bins in an area collectively. Hence in future we can see a self-reliant waste bin across our streets.


  • Effortless waste collection planning
  • Connected waste management operation
  • Optimized waste collection trip frequency
  • No missing of waste bin on a trip
  • Maximum waste bin pickup on a trip
  • Eliminate waste overflow and stinking

Smart Collection Vehicle


Following the smart waste management technologies, waste collection vehicles are also turning smart. The whole vehicle fleet industry is under the swift electrification movement.

As a result, it is not only going to revive the vehicle management system but also helps to build a sustainable future.

Empowered by cloud based fleet management system, waste collection vehicles are becoming more efficient.

Smart Collection vehicles come with a load of features that helps the organization to save significant amount of cash. Moreover, it enabled the drivers and fleet operators enormously to resolve the day-to-day vehicle management operations.


  • Intelligent and fast vehicle management
  • Organized waste collection and disposal
  • Notifications on missing a waste bin
  • Optimized route map and schedule
  • Fuel and time expense optimization
  • CCTV coverage over trip operation
  • Instant notification and communication
  • Predictive fleet maintenance report
  • Better compliance and resource utilization

Smart Waste Management System


It’s a comprehensive platform that connects waste management data centre, waste bins, waste collection vehicles and the multiple user apps.

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The information from the waste bins and collection vehicle gathered within the data system.  The data from each point can be accessed by appropriate user consoles.

The electronic daily fleet management system helps to organize the daily waste collection trips and duty schedules.

In addition it will help to formulate the optimized waste collection process and the waste pick up frequencies with the data insights. 

This platform serves as an intelligent tool to manage the entire waste management process. The productive utilization of resources, optimization recommendations, trip and driver behavior can trace from it.

Furthermore, it records the daily inputs and turned it into productive reports to get the daily waste management activities.


  • Online waste management operation
  • Waste bin and vehicle monitoring
  • Centralized data management
  • Automated optimization and schedule
  • Real-time fleet tracking  and activity report
  • Performance and productivity tracking
  • Fuel and resource consumption report
  • Employee and vehicle management

Smart Asset Maintenance


The intervention of smart fleet management solutions has redefined vehicle maintenance operations not only in waste management but also in entire auto maintenance sector.

The ability to scan through the internal and external working components of vehicles and its performance through the sensors made this complex process easy.

The sensors which are connected with the cloud network collect the working status of components and give productive insights.

Compiling this data insights fleet managers can predict the upcoming issues on the vehicles and schedule the maintenance activities accordingly.

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Further it provides a clear performance history and real-time vehicle performance to improve vehicle management.


The future of waste collection would be smarter with electric powered waste bins, collection fleets and cloud based fleet management system.

Further, this movement could contribute to the sustainable development goals to combat climate change issue. This will make waste management more efficient and eco-friendly.

10 Common Truck Driver Health Issues and Solutions

Transportation of goods via roads is an essential service that needs skilled truck drivers. Staying awake on the road and driving day and night is not an easy job. That is why truck drivers are paid handsomely for their services.


No doubt high pay is a perk in this job, but health concerns can be severe. Understandably, being on the road is a tough job. The food and lifestyle of a truck driver is mostly around store-bought goods and ready-to-consume food and drinks. But, this kind of eating habits puts their health at risk.

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But, is it wise to ignore your health even if the job is challenging?

Instead of making excuses, let’s learn the various health issues that truck drivers face and solutions for each concern.

1. Obesity


Being on the same posture for most of the time, truck drivers face various health problems. Obesity is one of them. This health condition is usually defined on the basis of body mass index.

The fast-food culture and sedentary life style affects the overall bodily metabolisms and raise severe health risks.

Most drivers have a microwave installed in a truck cabin that lets them heat fast food on the go.

Consuming ready-made fast food out of boxes on-the-go is not a healthy option. Without physical workout, it causes the body to gain weight and leads to obesity.

According to CDC research, seven out of ten truckers are obese in the U.S. alone. One truck driver even informed the researchers how common it was to become obese while driving trucks and long hauling vehicles.

Most of them had eating habits limited to highway restaurants, where the food is not as healthy as home-cooked meals. Further issues that come with obesity include coronary diseases, insomnia, and type 2 diabetes etc.

Solution: As a driver, it is undoubtedly essential to take care of your health. But, for that to happen, drivers have to take care of their eating habits.

  • Eat fresh cut fruits and vegetable servings regularly
  • Include mixed dry fruits and whole grains in your diet
  • Avoid sugar drinks and fried food items from the list
  • Balance the diet plan with enough food varieties with appropriate calories
  • Avoid high energy supplying servings and opt low-fat platters
  • Spent at least 15 minutes on active exercise such as walking, jogging etc.

2. Lung Cancer


CDC studies further predicted that over 70 percent of truck drivers smoke. Apart from that, being continuously exposed to diesel exhaust gas, truck driver lives are prone to deadly diseases. 

Though smoking helps drivers stay stress-free, it also increases their chances of acquiring lung cancer.

Even if a trucker does not smoke, he may still get lung cancer when exposed to gasoline fumes and similar chemicals.


  • Try to reduce the amount of smoking on a daily basis and quit it
  • Practice other stress- relief methods while driving instead of smoking
  • Maintain vehicle smoke emission standards within the recommended scale
  • Never permit others to smoke inside the vehicle cabin
  • Ensure enough air circulation across the driver cabin

3. Obstructive Sleep Apnea


This health issue is common among drivers especially smokers and obese people. The affected person may not be able to breathe when they sleep. Their tongue folds back and blocks the air-flow.  

As a result, it can lead to improper rest, causing the body to tire easily. Sleep apnea has also been known to cause the body to slow down its reaction time.

Our body express the symptoms in several ways such as loud snoring, day sleeping, morning headache, nervy sleep, irritation, mood swing, anxiety, depression, memory loss etc.

The issue is so critical that some countries do not allow drivers to drive if they have this condition.

Solution: Research says that sleep apnea is linked to smoking, obesity, and even genes.

  • Take appropriate food, water and rest while on the trip
  • Do not smoke, binge-eat and drink alcohol which can result in sleep apnea
  • Don’t indulge in alcohol and other drug substances
  • Take immediate treatment and rest until you are free from the condition

4. Unbalanced Sleep Routine


Driving routine driveways and weather conditions are not always fixed. Drivers may need to push for indefinite hours without a fixed pattern. This can cause the body to develop fatigue due to improper sleeping routine.

A traffic jam or a poor weather condition can disrupt the whole-day plan of drivers and force them to extend their shifts to late hours. Also, managers compel drivers to deliver the consignments regardless of any external reasons. This impacts the resting hours of drivers and leads to further days.


  • Try to stick with daily schedules while on a trip
  • Demand for a fixed time and shift roster for exchange duty
  • Get familiar with the route and roadside shelters
  • Ask for compensational resting hours for the extra hours
  • Take adequate food and rest at proper intervals

5. Musculoskeletal Injuries

Due to limited mobility in the cabin, drivers may not be able to move their muscles much even if they want to. Sitting on the same seat for hours can lead to neck and back injuries.

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Plus, their bodies can develop spasms due to overexertion on the body. Ignoring these pains and aches can lead to chronic musculoskeletal injuries.


  • Practice body stretching exercises during a trip
  • Take proper interval over a trip to refresh your body
  • Avoid excessive tension on the body and be in relaxing posture
  • Move all body parts at least a couple of times while on a trip
  • Consult a doctor and take necessary diagnosis and treatment

6. Hypertension

Obesity may increase high blood pressure in a driver. As a result, he may develop hypertension. That can further trigger health concerns related to stress.

A research conducted in 2017, also published in the Transportation Journal, noted the fatal dangers of hypertension and stress on truck drivers. It is a serious issue that needs to be curbed.


  • Exercise regularly even on a long hauling trip
  • Stop/reduce smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Consume more potassium & mineral-rich foods
  • Practice easy stress management exercises
  • Cut off sugary drinks and carb-rich foods
  • Eat fresh fruits, veggies and natural supplements

7. Isolation and Depression

Driving jobs are mostly carried out in lonely surroundings with limited social contacts. For long-haul drivers, this isolation can be depressing. When alone, drivers tend to overthink, which can cause the mind to develop pessimistic feelings. These can be bad for health.


  • Take a companion for long-hauling trips
  • Play your favorite music while on the trip
  • Talk to friends or family members every day
  • Go shopping and bargain hunting at the stops

8. Dehydration


Driving continuously with limited breaks may cause drivers to ignore hydrating their bodies. Not consuming enough water during their journey may cause drivers to face dehydration.


  • keep a big bottle of fresh water that is easily accessible during the journey.
  • Eat juicy fruits and vegetables with much water content
  • Set alarms to remind yourself to consume water at proper intervals

9. Restlessness


Many truck drivers need to consume coffee to stay awake. But, this unhealthy habit can lead to anxiety and insomnia, causing the body to deteriorate.


  •  Cut down the intake of such stimulants and consume water as a healthy alternative.
  • Relax your mind with reviving healthy supplements.

10. Nutrition Deficit


Consuming junk and fast food most of the time limits intake of necessary nutrition. It also lowers the immunity in drivers, leading to other harmful diseases.


  •  Keep fruits and vegetables in the cabin that can be consumed raw.
  • Take healthy natural nutrition mixture during the trip

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Even though truck drivers are paid well for their responsibilities, they can develop such health issues. Instead of ignoring them, it is important for them to administer healthy alternatives in their lifestyles.

15 Tips to Prevent Drowsy Driving [This List Could Save Your Life]

Let’s face it:

Anybody can fall asleep while driving, especially when driving for long hours. Such a situation is quite frequent with truck drivers who have to steer day and night to transport goods from one destination to another.

Sleepiness while driving is not only a tragic threat to the drivers but also for the lives and properties along their path. That is why drivers must stay awake to avoid unfortunate hazards on the roads.  

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Here is the list of tips that can help drivers stay awake on the road while driving.

1. Take Power Naps


Lack of proper rest and sleep is the major cause that incurs sleepiness. Power naps are a great solution to resolve this challenge for truck drivers.

Instead of driving with heavy eyelids and drowsy mind you can make a pit stop and take a half hour nap if you have time to spare.


It helps to fuel up our energy and refresh our mind. Also, enhance our performance and cut down the chances of mistakes and thereby accidents.

A 40 minute emergency nap is recommended to drivers to combat sleepiness and drowsiness while driving. 

2. Listen to Loud Sound/Music


Studies state that music below 55 decibels is pleasant to the ears, which you should not play during driving. Instead, you can try something loud, at 90 decibels. A sound of that much intensity will make you stay awake as it will disturb your sleep.

But, make sure not to do it for too long as it can damage your hearing. Many even stay awake by listening to the songs they hate. If you do not mind practicing that, then go ahead.

3. Have Light Meals


Consuming massive meals makes your body work harder to digest food. That can cause the body to lose energy faster. With improper utilization of energy in the body, a person can feel drowsy.

Instead, prefer light meals, as that will add fewer burdens on the digestive system. Furthermore, it will make you feel hungry,  which will keep you active.

4. Drive During Active Hours


Sometimes a driver might not be able to drive at his full potential, as he did not choose the appropriate hours for driving.

To operate vehicles efficiently without falling asleep, you should select hours during which you do are the most active. That way, it will be easier to drive without feeling sleepy.

5.  Take Healthy Stimulants


At times drivers need to stay awake for long hours to finish their duty.. And there won’t be any room for a quick nap. For that, they can rely on healthy instant stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks. This can help curb sleep. Just make sure to consume such stimulants in moderation.

6. Chew Ice Cube


It might sound funny, but chewing on an ice cube can help stay awake. The cold sensation stimulates our senses and keeps your brain active reducing chances of falling asleep.

However, don’t make it a habit or an immediate trick to get refreshed. It may affect you adversely on a long run.

7. Stay Hydrated


When you feel dehydrated, your body feels lethargic and sleepiness. It affects the normal bodily metabolisms and blood volume. As a result, you might experience headache, dizziness and dry mouth & eyes.

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As a driver, you must stay hydrated to stay awake and healthy. Hydration does not necessarily need to be through fluids. You can also consume fruits to fill up the lack of water in the body.

8. Sing


If you love to sing, then this could be an excellent time to try it out. You do not even have to be a good singer as long as you enjoy it. Just let your vocal cords be free of the nervousness that you might feel when in public.

Singing will keep you stimulated to stay awake and improve your mood and reduce your road rage.

9. Keep Body in Motion      


It can be annoying to stay glued in one position for several hours. While it will be impossible to get up and roam around while driving, you can still try to facilitate some movement in your body while driving.

If possible, take a stop after every 30 to 60 minutes of driving. Stretch your body to feel active.

10. Spray Cold Water on Face


Splashing cold water on face is a harmless idea that can be tried anytime. It helps to refresh and stimulate the senses.

You can also keep a spray bottle filled with icy, cold water. Use it to spray water on your face from time to time and stay awake if you feel drowsy.

11. Avoid Sugar


You might be aware of a sugar rush. While this condition gives you a small boost of energy, yet a high consumption of sugar exhausts your body.

That happens because sugar reduces the activity of orexin cells, which is responsible for controlling appetite and alertness. While driving, you must regulate your blood sugar level to avoid tiredness.

12. Set Up a Snooze Alarm


You can also stay awake if you have something to keep you awake. Use your phone’s snooze alarm feature to maintain alertness after every couple of minutes.

Phone holders can be helpful in this situation. Use it to avoid distraction on the road. Make sure alarms don’t distract your driving.

13. Keep the Cabin Window Open


Staying in a closed space with closed windows can make you dazed. It can be possible because of the pleasant air coming from the AC, if you have one, in your truck cabin.

Or, it can also be because of breathing diesel or other chemical fumes that can cause the mind to act dopey. So, open the cabin window often to breathe in the natural air.

14. Chew Gum


Even the slightest body movements can keep us active and helps in staying awake and falling asleep. You are going to feel sleepy if you sit still without much motion. Thus, involve yourself in activities, such as chewing a piece of gum to stay focused and awake.

15. Consume Vitamin C


Vitamin C is not a remedy to stay awake, yet it does have properties to help you avoid tiredness. Studies say that consuming 500 mg of vitamin C can help you stay active while driving. So, you can choose foods that have this nutrient in abundance.

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Final Words

When you have to drive for a long haul, you are bound to feel dazed. Your best bet to avoid any mishaps is by staying awake throughout your journey. Practice the tips given above to ensure that you have a safe ride while on your road trip.

6 Reasons Truck Driving Is A Dangerous Job [Incl. Safety Tips]

The high rate of on-job fatality in trucking industry is what makes truck driving a dangerous job. While job risks are universal, certain sectors have a higher degree of vulnerability compared to other jobs.


Truck driving is one of such kind which can pose fatal threats. In contrast, a large number of population still enjoy being a truck driver.

Let’s see why truck driving is touted as a dangerous job.

1. Weather Conditions


Poor or extreme weather conditions are challenging for truck drivers. These not only lead to accidents but also impact the performance of vehicles.

Scorching sunny days, foggy mornings, freezing temperatures and rainy weather are not favorable for drivers and trucks. Such bad weather makes drive-ways vulnerable and driving dangerous.

Unexpected weather patterns always trouble drivers.

Rain: With heavy rain, road visibility reduces significantly. In addition to that, rain water forms a layer of water between tires of the vehicle and the road, resulting in hydroplaning.

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Moreover, slippery roads and hidden potholes make driving risky during rain.

Snow: During winter seasons, roads become more troublesome for truck drivers and trucks. Truck tires do not grip ice-covered roads well enough. It takes a lot of skill from drivers to combat such situations.

Wind: Trucks can wade off normal challenges posed by wind, but heavy wind would be hazardous. The massive structure of trailers cannot withstand whirlwinds and causes such vehicles to roll over.

Fog: Drivers cannot see through the road on foggy days. It hinders long-range visibility, increasing chances of bumping into other vehicles and at times even causing vehicles to drive off the road resulting in tragic accidents. In foggy days, it is better to avoid driving altogether.

Safety measures:

  • Park the truck somewhere safe and wait for a favorable climate
  • Practice defensive driving on poor weather condition
  • Limit the speed and use headlights for better visibility
  • Never use jack brake and keep ample distance between vehicles
  • Ensure proper tire pressure and fully functional wiring systems

2. Crowded Seasons


Local events such as carnivals, galas, protests, and rallies always happen by the roadways. People occupy roads to celebrate their regional or national events. Long hauling drivers may not aware about these local events.

Therefore, drivers have to pay attention to the social and political events over the route. During such occasions, people don’t care about vehicles on the road and can act vandalous.

They abruptly cross the road, are careless of the rules and won’t give enough attention to running vehicles. All these factors stand as possible challenges for truck drivers.

Safety measures:

  • Try to stay updated about news related to the route, including events
  • Figure out the crowd-free and fastest route to the destination
  • Slow down or pull off and wait while passing through a lively road
  • Use sound-horn frequently and proper indications while passing

3. Driver Fatigue


The urge to finish the trips as fast as possible forces truck drivers to skip healthy life practices. They may bypass timely food, daily schedules and sleep. Continuous sleepless drives can exhaust even the fittest drivers and cause adverse results.

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Most fatal accidents are caused due to driver fatigue. Improper duty schedules and practices are the major cause for making this job risky.

Safety measures:

  • Take appropriate food, breaks and rest on time
  • Prepare and follow a healthy daily schedule
  • Share the duty with a colleague in a timely manner
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol

4. Break Down


The life-period of machine parts in vehicles is unpredictable. Heavy machine parts undergo wear and tear over time, and cease functioning.

Especially, parts such as bearing, tubes, nozzles, pipes and moving components cease to perform or burst out. This results in drivers losing control of their vehicles, causing loss of time, life and property.

Safety measures:

  • Carry out thorough, periodical inspection and demand-based vehicle service
  • Carry a toolset for immediate repair requirements
  • Ensure engine oil, coolant and lubrication are enough
  • Check tire pressure and additional tire backup

 5. Poor Training    


Heavy vehicle driving requires good amount of training. Despite the theoretical classes provided for heavy-duty drivers, they require different set of practices. Drivers have to be trained to handle vehicles on different terrains and diverse climatic conditions.

Mostly, poor vehicle controlling capacity and lack of expert knowledge in taking quick decisions make them victims. Drivers with less experience in long hauling trips have to assist such trips before being assigned for the long trip.

The lack of drivers in trucking industry is also a reason for skipping measuring the experience level of drivers.

Safety measures:

  • Get proper heavy vehicle driving training
  • Train until you can handle trucks in all terrains.
  • Practice truck driving over all-weather condition.
  • Gain adequate vehicle engineering knowledge

6. Distracted Driving


Almost every road accident is caused by the lack of attention while driving. Multi-tasking during driving is the root source of this menace. Drivers indulging in smartphones usage, drinking & eating, reading, watching video, talking, and cleaning while driving are all factors which contribute to distracted driving.

Unfortunately, most of the case ends up in fatal injuries and hefty loss. Other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are the common victims.

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Safety measures:

  • Never engage in any activities which can distract your attention
  • Take extra caution while driving through crowded roads.
  • Pull off the truck while doing any other activity.

Though a lot of perils are hiding in truck driving job, we can mitigate it significantly. Following the safety measures and exercising the appropriate driving practice can help making truck driving a safe job.