100 Valid Countries That Accepts UAE Driving License

100 Valid Countries That Accepts UAE Driving License

As a UAE resident, you may have wondered if you can take your license abroad or if it is even accepted in other countries. The answer is yes! There are over 100 countries around the world that accept the UAE driving license.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the countries that accept UAE driving licenses and also provide you with country-specific information for each one.

uae driving license valid countries

Here is a list of 100 countries, which according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation (MoFAIC), accept the driving license issued by the Emirates.

Algeria Armenia Australia Austria
Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus
Belgium 10. Bosnia & Herzegovina Brunei Bulgaria
Canada China Colombia Costa Rica
Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia
Finland France Gabon Georgia
Germany Ghana Greece Guatemala
Hungary Honduras Hong Kong Iceland
India Indonesia Iran Iraq
Ireland Italy Jamaica Japan
Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait
Latvia Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania
Luxembourg Macau Madagascar Malta
Malaysia Mexico Mongolia Montenegro
Morocco Netherlands Nicaragua Norway
Oman Panama Paraguay Peru
Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico
Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia
Serbia Seychelles Singapore South Africa
Slovakia Slovenia South Korea Spain
Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey
Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay
Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam Yemen
Benefits of having a UAE driving license


Having a UAE driving license provides several benefits for those looking to travel abroad.

and easy-to-understand process for obtaining a license. This makes it much more convenient for Emiratis to obtain a license and use it in other countries.

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Furthermore, the UAE driving license is much more secure than other forms of identification. This is because it is embedded with a chip that contains your personal information and is only readable by authorized personnel. This makes it much harder for criminals to steal your identity and use it for their own purposes.

Finally, having a UAE driving license allows you to save money on international car rentals. This is because many car rental companies offer discounts to those with international licenses. This can save you money when you are travelling, which is always a plus.

P.S: Bear in mind that the list can be changed in case a new law. So don’t forget to check for legal requirements before visiting the country.