Truck Management system

We provide a Truck Management system to optimize load preservation, reduce operating costs, determine time of use efficiency & maximize investment

  • Intelligent load Management
  • Load Preservation
  • Load Allocation
  • Demand Side Management

Why Choose us?

We developed our LMS to be able to communicate & adapt to the changing dynamics of your day to day operations & support your end to end load tracking

  • Avoid Facility Disruption
  • Reduce Infrastructure Cost
  • Smoother & Efficient Operations
  • Monitor & analyse trips in real-time
  • Execute Demand Response Events & Create schedules


Our Truck Management system is very handy when it comes to managing a fleet of haulers, our specially designed software fits right into your back office giving you real time visibility into daily shipments.

Truck Load Planning

Carriers with Less-Truck-Loads (LTLs) and Full Truck Loads (FTLs) can be optimized for greater output with our smart Truck load planning for single & multi carrier fleets.

Truck Appointment System

We has devised a solution to reduce truck congestion by booking slots automatically for the day via our Truck Management system.

Real-Time Data

Our Truck Management system helps you to identify real-time location of the vehicle with live running data of the vehicle.

Driver Management

We designed our LMS to assist you in coordinating multiple drivers in real time & manage them effortlessly and effectively.

Optimized Routes

Our system generates optimised routes for the trip effectively by assessing the real time data effectively to save time & increase efficiency.

Customized Reports

We generate over 50+ tracking related reports to analyse and make necessary assessments to yield better results.


Benefits of using our Truck Management system

  • Improves your truck load management with a single solution
  • Empowers drivers to effortlessly manage their entire workday via a single app
  • Enhanced communication between drivers and dispatchers
  • Manage workflow, time, compliance, cost & business process
  • Improves load visibility by enhancing load with tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

How accurate are the speed and geofence alerts?

Our device reports its location in real-time. The reported speed is fetched in real-time so you will receive a speed alert every time your driver is speeding over the limit. Similarly, with geofence alerts, the entry or exit of a geofence is determined in real-time.

Can I have multiple employees with varying access privileges to my fleet?

You can add as many users as you want with ease. Setting up employee access to our product is very easy and intuitive.

What if somebody tampers with the vehicle device?

The vehicle device has functions to alert you of such situations. If vehicle battery power is disconnected, it will instantly send you an SMS alert.






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