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Auto Routing

Based on the data collected whilst on a trip, the system is able to create optimized routes, trips and assign vehicles based on its seating capacity.

Route Management

Our software creates optimised routes and manages them effectively to increase efficiency and saves time.

Vehicle Management

Creates Optimized vehicle usage by assigning the right vehicles to appropriate routes. Monitor vehicle condition and maintenance schedule.

Driver Management

The software helps you to Co-ordinate and manage multiple drivers at a time and rate them accordingly by their performance.

Live Tracking

It helps you to identify the real time location of every single vehicle on your fleet. With real-time data, you can communicate seamlessly with your drivers in case of emergencies.

Auto Optimization

This feature allows you to determine the shortest path based on the collection point and delivery point. The optimization feature utilizes the historical data and system intelligence to create optimized results.

Our Apps

Transport Manager App

Dealing with the drivers and managing the vehicles is a burdened task if you are having a diverse fleet. Need not to worry with the Transport Manger app in hand you can easily manage transportation aspects without any hassle.

Key Features
  • Track parked and unparked vehicles and determine their availability
  • Gives a comprehensive view of the vehicle status, location and other details on an exclusive map
  • The software creates instant alerts and notifications based on the Real time data collected
  • The app aids you in comprehending the vehicle health for each vehicle in your fleet via the efficient fleet management feature
  • It helps to create a seamless communication medium with the driver, thus allowing you to assist the driver needs efficiently

Driver App

If you are a driver then you know that handling a passenger vehicle is not easy as it sounds. You are responsible for the safety of the passenger and must adhere to a driving style that suits the weather and traffic conditions.

Keeping this in mind the fleet management software provides you with a cutting edge app for effective vehicle management

Key Features
  • Gives a comprehensive view of the trip details including the pickup and drop points in an exclusive map
  • Can optimise pickup points in case of scheduled trips
  • Helps you to seamlessly communicate with the transport manager in case of emergencies
  • The software gives out important alerts and notifications based on the real-time data obtained
  • The software aids you with a live camera feed of the inside and outside of the vehicle
  • It helps you to update collection points

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

I want to track vehicles of my hospital. Is this the right solution?

Yes. Fleet management software for business entities is a general solution that can help manage vehicles managed by all business institutions including hospitals, construction companies, real estate companies, etc. In case a feature you want is missing from the software, we can always customise to suit your requirements.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size of your fleet and the features you want, the price will vary. The best way to know an approximate cost would be to get in touch with us with your requirements.

Do I have to buy any hardware separately?

Our solution is primarily software. But we do provide hardware where it is feasible. Otherwise, we just recommend hardware that is ideal to work with for us. In case you already have hardware, we would probably be able to integrate with the software as the software is compatible with a wide range of hardware.

Do you support in case of any malfunctions?

Major malfunctions are extremely rare with the software as we have a dedicated software testing team which thoroughly runs a variety of tests and checks on every step. Still, if there are any issues cropping up, our team would be more than willing to help.






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