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Dispatch Management Software

Without a doubt Dispatch Management module is one of the most important modules of a fleet management software. A typical fleet management software consists of modules such as fleet management, vehicle tracking, waste management etc.

But we provide a state-of-the-art Dispatch Management Software for all kinds of freight forwarding & dispatch solutions due to their crucial business nature. Instead of running around all day not knowing what to do we here at fleet management handles that with our Dispatch management solution.

Benefits of Using our Dispatch Module

  • Optimize in Real Time
  • Create Business Processes with business objectives
  • Develop accurate Schedules using Historical data
  • Automate from Overrides to automated functions
  • Dispatch your services with mobile Apps
  • Optimize Schedules using real-time traffic patterns

How Our Delivery Dispatch Management Works

For already existing marketplace applications you can integrate our Delivery Dispatch Management Module onto your system effortlessly, your application can be easily integrated with our dispatch management module by the assistance of your software provider and our team. Once the integration is completed the addresses will be loaded onto the module and you can commence your day to day delivery operations without any hassle.

Our Delivery Dispatch solution has the ability to perform multiple pickup and multiple drops on a single trip. In other words a single delivery person can collect multiple orders all at once and complete the delivery all within a single trip. Our Delivery Dispatch solution is able to perform this because of our auto-optimization feature, unlike other delivery applications where the delivery boy has to complete one trip to start the next, our dispatch solution creates trips for multiple orders in a single facility. Our Dispatch solution is useful for single & bulk delivery companies


  • Customer Makes an Order

    Each order will be collected and considered as a "Stop" in the Web Application Back-end

  • System Assigns Delivery to Delivery person

    Once the orders start coming into the system our algorithm automatically finds the nearest delivery personnel and assigns it to the right personnel which is optimized in terms of time , distance and capacity of vehicle to deliver

  • Delivery Person Receives the Trip Details & Starts the Trip

    The delivery person will receive the entire trip details via their Delivery Personnel App, the trip details will be included with the number of collection/drop points all optimized to shorten the trip duration

  • Driver Delivers Package & Updates its Status

    After the trip is commenced the delivery person can update the status of their delivery on the delivery personnel app, if the delivery has been successfully completed then he can check the delivered option if not he must check the return option. This way higher-level personnel can keep track of the entire delivering process


Route Optimization

With our dispatch module you can remove the daily hassles of manually routing the drivers and tasks, & ensure optimal efficiency in your day to day operations.

Live ETA's & Tracking

Keep track of your daily operations by our software & communicate with your drivers in real time and gain clear visibility into the current ETA's & many more.

Detailed Dispatcher Dashboard

With our Dispatch module comes an all in one dispatcher needs on one screen. You can identify each order and understand the most important information of the delivery. You can easily assign dispatchers on work orders efficiently.

Automated Logistics

With our software you can dispatch your logistics solutions without any manual processes you will receive automated schedules and routes providing ease to your daily management process.

Seamless Data Handling

You can upload CSV/Excel files in bulk with complete mapping & integrate it into our system via API.

Real Time Tracking

Track in real time with fleet management, get a centralized view of your processes, react and re-optimize in real time with customizable notifications.

Know our finest Delivery Dispatch Management Software in detail & increase your operational efficiency in quick time

Why you need a Dispatch Management Software

  • Increases Efficiency
  • Lowers Fuel Costs
  • Provides Service Consistency
  • Increases your Company's Reputation
  • Increases Your Sales
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

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