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Transport Manager App

Utilize our Transport Manager App to effectively manage hectic tasks & operational aspects of your entire fleet with reduced costs, less risks and more efficiency.

  • Reduced Costs
  • Maximum Efficiency
  • less Risk
  • Multiple Reports
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Benefits of Our Transport Manager App

Real time updates

Fleet Management made easy

Fast and Accurate Reports

Increased Productivity

24x7 Tracking and Monitoring

Speeds Up the entire Tracking Process

Our features


User management

This feature allows Transport managers can view and edit trip details in the mobile app easily to optimize their workload and increase profitability


Tracking Device Health Monitor

Our tracking software gives you instant device health status which includes GPS quality, battery level, panic alarm status etc.


Shift management

Transport Managers can check and edit the shift timing of all trip running shift so that all the trip timing associated with that shift will run smoothly as implemented.


Enhanced Communication

Transport Manager App can establish an effective communication channel through direct call, messages, announcements allowing you to pass on important information about the trip instantly.


Efficient Management

Via our Transport Manager App, you can effectively monitor & manage your fleet, track the vehicles current status (whether it's running, parked, idling or untracked) and list out the trips which are currently in queue so that the you can make sure everything is running smoothly.


Instant Alert Notification

Transport managers will receive instant messages when your vehicle is over speeding, crossing geo fence parameters and receive alerts based on insurance, tax and license expiry the software also dispatches alerts in emergency situations, vehicle untracked situations and towed scenarios.

Our Apps


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transport manager app


fleet manager app