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Driver Console App

Our Driver app is implemented with state-of-the-art features to assist drivers with trip details such as pickup/ drop points, trip route & other valuable insights that will give guidance to the driver to perform much efficiently.

  • Communication made Simple
  • Real-Time Route Updates
  • Fast and Convenient
  • Efficient & Effective Handling of Emergencies
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Time Saving

Daily Driving Summary Report

Improved Focus and Relaxation

Completely Automated

Real-Time Tracking and Navigation


Route Optimization

With our Driver App, you can implement routes, pickup points, drop off points etc all in a single trip. With this data you can choose the shortest route from the app and make trips accordingly

Trip Planning

Instant or Scheduled trips can be easily planned by utilizing the Driver Console App. Trip details such as the route/Pickup point/ Stop points will be provided by the system aiding the driver from remembering every details of the trip

Effective Communication

The Driver Console App allows Drivers to send and receive messages and notifications (audio/text) in case of any unexpected delays or any emergency situations

Monitor Speed

With built-in sensors & Echo driving features Employee Transport system can keep track on diving behavior restricting the driver from rash and unsafe driving.

Pickup Point Optimization

With this feature, pick up point can be updated instantly depending on the user’s wish. The system will automatically update the pickup point reducing unnecessary trips for the driver.


The Driver Console App sends real-time notification regarding passenger pick up and drop-down location update, upcoming trips, leave details, etc.

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