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By implementing our Fleet Management system your fleet will yield better results immediately, our solution helps you to get more visibility and reveals various metrics of tracking opportunities to improve your overall performance. Beyond savings Fleet Management also increases customer satisfaction from the leverage that comes from expense controlling in managing your everyday fleet routines like workforce payroll, fuel management & vehicle Tracking.

  • Maximize resources through improved Productivity
  • Decreased Maintenance Cost
  • Improved security, safety
  • Improved customer service

Why choose Fleet Management To get More ROI

With our State-of-the-art Technology, Fleet Management System can help you save on operational cost & drive in more ROI, here are some of our ROI pulling specialties

Trip Assigned Vs Completed Reports:

Transport Managers can identify how many trips have been completed for the day from the number of trips assigned and make sustainable productivity with this Report.

Expense Report:

Fleet Management System comes with an expense report which will give transport managers a view of general expense reports like maintenance expense, spare part expenses & Fuel expenses

Inspection and Maintenance report:

Transport Managers will get to identify minor issues before it turns into costly repairs and ensure the entire fleet is working correctly and help prevent equipment downtime.

Daily/weekly/monthly vehicle Running report:

Fleet Management system will Provide Transport Managers with important data's like total running time, idling time all on weekly, monthly or daily basis.

Safe Driver Ranking report:

With this report Transport Managers can get a complete overview of the accurate driver performance and analyze their driving behaviour based on their driving insights.

Distance traveled progressing chart:

Our fleet management system is powered with an animated chart that will give the Transport Managers the total number of distance traveled by each vehicle individually.

Unplanned Trip auto routing:

Route planning is an important part of the success of a Fleet, Fleet Management System will provide all the location updates on the route and automatically convert the route onto a trip.

Calendar and Duty Roaster:

With this special Fleet Management feature Transport Managers can identify the available vehicles, duty chart, work shift, hours of duty and days off for each staff member.

How Fleet Management Can Drive in Better ROI

Efficient & Automated Tracking Reports
Driver Behavior Reports
Standard Optimization
Effective Compatibility
Reduces Labor Expenses
Improved Employee Morale
Predictive Maintenance Reports
Automated Route Planning
Ensured Timely Compliance
Efficient Dispatch Systems
Lowers Operating Cost
Efficient Fuel Managing