Why Choose Us?

Our Offline Vehicle tracking feature is specialized for countries who have higher data rates & companies who don't require 24x7 real time monitoring of their fleet. The offline tracking service comes with an all in one mobile application called the Driver console App to help users who don't need to use battery hogging GPS, GPRS or any other data consuming hardware's.

With our offline vehicle tracking software you can improve yours service by effectively managing your company assets. With up to the minute tracking features & over the time updates transport managers will get a comprehensive overview of their day to day fleet performance & effectively enhance your service.


How we work

The offline tracker will track your fleets trip details completely in the driver console app by utilizing the signals gathered from the GPS satellites and records them simultaneously, the stored data will be immediately transferred to the system once the vehicle enters the company grounds. With the help of Wi-Fi or any other data services the system will immediately fetch the records for futuristic purposes

After the data has been transferred to the servers the transport manager can easily trace the routes in which the vehicle had travelled and analyze the records and get more additional data regarding the time spend on different intervals and the speed taken by the vehicle.

The saved data can be fetched in two ways
  • By syncing manually via internet
  • By the request of the transport manager

In the first method the tracking signals which were stored in the device while driving will be fetched using low cost-efficient data and be saved to the server which then can be used to share with the users for analysis.

In the later method the transport manager can request for the data from backend without the knowledge of the driver and retrieve the tracking information for the day which he needs effortlessly.

Increase your Fleets operational efficiency "Offline" with the finest offline Tracking Software in the Market


In this case the map will be available in real time with real time traffic coverage, tracking will be done in real time. Real time tracking will give you a better visibility for keeping an eye on your entire fleet making sure everything is right on schedule, the subscription charge will be based on what all features you use



Loading the map in real time is data consuming to overcome this challenge we introduced this feature of loading the map while your offline, once the map is loaded on the driver console you don't need to load it again & again saving data expenses on the go, also if requested the data ca be fetched from the backend to retrieve the trip information without notifying the driver.



  • Seamless Vehicle Tracking
  • Location sharing via SMS
  • Offline location tracking
  • Automatic Batch Geotagging
  • Detailed representation of traced routes on a map

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Does the phone need cellular service to run this GPS tracker app?

No it doesn't, our offline tracker records the location & saves it in the device storage. Once the device is synced with Wi-Fi, it uploads the data onto the server for further review.

How does VehicleTracking Qatar protect my privacy?

We protect your data offline. Your account and geolocation data are stored in our secured database.The server in which we store our database is hosted with Amazon Web Service in a secure environment & we don't share your personal information with any other third parties.

Are there any additional charges to the Offline Tracker quote provided to me?

No, there is no hidden or additional charges to the offline tracker, the representatives include all charges in the quote.






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