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Fleet Manager App

Track your fleets 24x7 and effectively oversee their performance and maintenance to increase productivity and improve your overall process.

  • Real time Navigation & Tracking
  • Vehicle Health & Maintenance
  • Complete Visibility
  • Videos & Safety Solutions
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Benefits of Our Fleet Manager App

Real Time Visibility

Increased Driver Satisfaction

Optimized Fuel Management

Predictive Analysis & Accurate Reporting

Cost Controlling

Accident and Risk management

Our Features


Trip Planning

With our app Fleet Managers can easily plan & carry out multiple types of trips like instant trips, planned trips etc. all with ease. You can also create pickup/drop points and create routes by utilizing our AI Algorithms


Enhanced Communication

Our Fleet Manager App allows effective communication with your fleet via SMS or any third-party apps, so that you can pass important information about delays, trips or any other mishaps without any hassle


Instant Alerts

With our fully automated system you will receive real time information about any delays like heavy traffic, change in routes etc. to keep you a step ahead and assist you in taking the right decision


Fleet Maintenance

Timely maintenance is essential for any fleet with our fleet manager app you can keep track of your maintenance schedule for each vehicle on your fleet allowing to be alert at all times


Efficient Management

Our Fleet Manager App ensures effective management of your fleet at all fronts like routing, driver management, time & fuel management, maintenance etc. and get optimized results immediately


Untracked vehicles

The app will instantlynotify you if any vehicle from your fleet is not getting tracked and the reason why it's not being tracked.

Our Apps

driver console app

transport manager app

fleet manager app