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Car Rental Software

Introducing State-of-the-art car rental software to automate the work flow of your car rental business


  • Unified digital system to track all your rental vehicles
  • Real-time tracking of rented vehicles
  • FREE registration for 45 days with premium features
  • FREE account for life with all basic features for limited number of vehicles
  • 24x7 vehicle tracking availability
  • Operational efficiency & cost-effectiveness
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How our Car Rental Software can assist your car rental company

  • Create and manage the list of registered cars
  • Manage subscription plans
  • Purchase lists, including option to send invoice
  • Manage language translations
  • Easy check-out and check-in
  • Make note of car condition before and after renting
  • Easy to use navigation menu
  • Highlight a week’s or month’s profit
  • Note the car’s overall health
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Customization Features

  • Manage language translations for multiple language compatibility
  • Manage the website blog, including adding new entries
  • Create and manage new product and home sliders
  • Create and manage email templates, invoice templates and Payment accounts

Data Management Functions

  • Record visual proof of vehicle condition with mobile app camera
  • Availability calendar to check the time period of engagement and determine accessibility of the vehicle
  • Rent out history allows checking the details of every rental process as and when desired

Maintenance Features

  • View and manage vehicle expenses such as spare parts, maintenance cost, fines, etc
  • Keep track of monthly and yearly expense for each vehicle on web and mobile
  • Easy check-out and check-in for efficient customer management
  • Generate reports of overall vehicle health (including all crucial functions) before check-in

Tracking Features

  • Track vehicles on the run, parked and idle on the same Map
  • Detect vehicles which go off the grid
  • Alerts when a vehicle crosses pre-set geofence
  • Monitor unsafe driver activities like speeding
  • Playback historical location of a vehicle on the map on a particular day

Subscription Features

  • Automated credit renewal prior to subscription expiry
  • Preferential upgrade or downgrade to desired package
  • 4 different subscription timelines – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly


Mobile App Screenshots

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