How our Car Rental Software can assist your car rental company
  • Create and manage the list of registered cars
  • Manage subscription plans
  • Purchase lists, including option to send invoice
  • Manage language translations
  • Easy check-out and check-in
  • Make note of car condition before and after renting
  • Easy to use navigation menu
  • Highlight a week’s or month’s profit
  • Note the car’s overall health

On Demand Vehicle Booking

Let your clients and employees enjoy this convenience of on demand vehicle booking. Whether you want to attend a meeting, take client to an external location, or go out due to an emergency, or be it any other occasion, you can have the following benefits

  • Fast and comfortable rides
  • Save valuable time
  • Improve productivity
  • Empower your business with better user experience

Our Apps


Customer App

  • Via the app the recipient can find the nearest delivery point & conclude the vehicle checkup or else the recipient can specify a delivery point & our delivery person will deliver the vehicle to the location
  • Via the app you can choose which type of vehicle you need how many hours/ days you need it and register the vehicle of your selection by submitting a copy of your driving license online.
  • Even if you want to extent the period of the rent you can do it via the app while you are on rent

Vendor App

  • Via this app vendors can monitor & analyse daily bookings, available vehicles and the number of booking requests received
  • Vendor can view the detailed booking requests to approve or reject requests
  • Via the vendor app executive can verify the KYC documents of the customer
  • Vendors can easily search & view all completed vehicle rentals
  • Vendor can take picture of the vehicle and mark any scratches /dent/damage on image if any and add those expenses to the final bill/invoice to the customer
  • Vendor can approve/reject the rental extension request from the customer

Our Features

Customization Features
  • Manage language translations for multiple language compatibility
  • Manage the website blog, including adding new entries
  • Create and manage new product and home sliders
  • Create and manage email templates, invoice templates and Payment accounts
Data Management Functions
  • Record visual proof of vehicle condition with mobile app camera
  • Availability calendar to check the time period of engagement and determine accessibility of the vehicle
  • Rent out history allows checking the details of every rental process as and when desired
Maintenance Features
  • View and manage vehicle expenses such as spare parts, maintenance cost, fines, etc
  • Keep track of monthly and yearly expense for each vehicle on web and mobile
  • Easy check-out and check-in for efficient customer management
  • Generate reports of overall vehicle health (including all crucial functions) before check-in
Tracking Features
  • Track vehicles on the run, parked and idle on the same Map
  • Detect vehicles which go off the grid
  • Alerts when a vehicle crosses pre-set geofence
  • Monitor unsafe driver activities like speeding
  • Playback historical location of a vehicle on the map on a particular day
Subscription Features
  • Automated credit renewal prior to subscription expiry
  • Preferential upgrade or downgrade to desired package
  • 4 different subscription timelines – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly

Feature List

User Management
Feature Management
Automation Management
Geo-fence Management
Integration Management
Notification Management
Access Rights Management
Vehicle Management
Parking Slot Mangement
Rental Checkin - Check out managment
Vehicle Expence Management
Vehicle Maintanance Managment
Reports Management
Alerts Management
Lease Contract Management
Fleet Tracking Management
Accounting Management
Asset Management
Admin can create and Manage other users like Transport manager, Retal customer etc
Admin can enable /disable the features they want
Admin can enable the automation data collection
Admin can create and Manage geo-fence for vehicle,route,parking slots etc.
Admin can integrate
SMS gateway
Media server incase storing video footage using CCTV
Admin can set which notification should be sent in what type( Push notification/SMS/email)
The admin can decide the access rights of each user type.
Create and Manage vehicles in the system
Create and Manage Parking slots in the system
Record customer data( scanned documents,signature etc) and vehicle info( fuel status, no .of keys, marking scratches if any etc) while giving vehicle to customer
Record the details while vehicle returned by customer.
Record all the expences like fine, spare parts, accessories etc.
Record the vehicle maintanace expenses and next due date for the maintanance of the vehicle.
More than 60 reports can be generated based on vehicles, users, tracking, rental etc
Detailed reports on alerts received from the GPS devices.
Manage contract rates, periods, offers and assign re-assign vehicles if needed.
Create and manage vehicle groups, set geofence boundaries & alerts with 24/7 vehicle tracking
Create & share the invoices with customers & analyse the statistics of paid and pending bills.
Record the detailed expense of the vehicle including spare parts, fines, accident repairs, fuel etc. and calculate the total expense of the vehicle also, records the price of the vehicle, total running KM, vehicle model, year etc. and calculate the depreciation of vehicle on monthly or any given period
Customer Registration
Documentation/Customer KYC
Pick up point station
Vehicle search
Vehicle Booking
Rental Plan detail
Online Payment
Terms and policies
Ride history
Offers/ Promotions
Vehicle Booking
Customer can register from the mobile app
Facility to upload customer KYCdocuments such as driving licence and other personal Identification documents
Users can see the nearest pickup point station on map
Users can request the service from their location
The ability to search for available vehicles and rate per km in the nearest station for all users.
Option for home delivery by giving date and time.
Customer can directly go to the station and pick up the vehicle if needed.
Set the drop location according to preference. Users have the option to choose home pickup or self drop at the nearest station
Rental plan price details displayed as per number of days and the vehicle choosen by the customer
Rental fee can be paid online if the car rental company integrates payment gate way.
Terms and conditions as well as cancellation policy for the customer
Report accident or connect support to the car rental provider or directly call the preset number for ambulance support through this facility
Customer can see their previous rides detail in the app.
Customers can view & select the offers/ discount slides
Customer can request for extend time of delivery if needed. If that vehicle is booked in that extend request date, the customer will get the appropriate alert

Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

I want to track vehicles of my hospital. Is this the right solution?

Yes. Fleet management software for business entities is a general solution that can help manage vehicles managed by all business institutions including hospitals, construction companies, real estate companies, etc. In case a feature you want is missing from the software, we can always customise to suit your requirements.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the size of your fleet and the features you want, the price will vary. The best way to know an approximate cost would be to get in touch with us with your requirements.

Do I have to buy any hardware separately?

Our solution is primarily software. But we do provide hardware where it is feasible. Otherwise, we just recommend hardware that is ideal to work with for us. In case you already have hardware, we would probably be able to integrate with the software as the software is compatible with a wide range of hardware.

Do you support in case of any malfunctions?

Major malfunctions are extremely rare with the software as we have a dedicated software testing team which thoroughly runs a variety of tests and checks on every step. Still, if there are any issues cropping up, our team would be more than willing to help.






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