Collect Vehicle Fare Online

This software aids in creating invoices on a monthly/quarterly/half-yearly or yearly basis and collect the payment online through various payment options.

A-Z Trip Management

You can assign fleets to their respective trips based on availability and capacity. Automatic Routing, Allocation and Optimisation of routes combine to make trip management easy.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Using fleet management solution for Corporates, you can track employee transportation in real time via desktop or mobile and receive notifications on a timely basis.

Instant Trip Creation

Creating instant trips for employees who need immediate transportation due to specific reasons can be a hassle. Our system has a specific feature to help you with the same.

Smart Parking Assistance

The fleet management software for Corporates is able to assist the driver in parking the vehicle in congested spaces by utilizing the cameras implemented along with the system.

Duty Roster

The system is implemented with a cutting edge duty roster which enables transport providers to clearly define, schedule and divide the task amongst the fleet members

Command Centre for Transport Manager

The software provides a command center organized to gather, process, analyze, disseminate planning and operational data and perform other related tasks and display every function on multiple screens.

Driver Console

It helps drivers to get a comprehensive view of individual trips, their pick up and drop points etc. It can also be connected with cameras on the bus to live-stream video footage for security purposes.

Smart ID Cards

Drivers and passengers would have smart ID cards which are integrated to the system. Using these cards, they can mark their daily attendance for using transportation.

Driver Performance Monitoring

Managing drivers can be a difficult task at times. To resolve this and help Transport Providers, our software monitors drivers and ranks them based on driving behaviour and performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Can I use this system if I am providing vehicles for multiple companies?

Definitely. This system for Corporate Transport Provider has been created with inputs from actual Corporate Transport Providers. We acknowledge that handling multiple companies is a prime requirement for you as transport provider and the system has been developed accordingly. You can maintain separate profiles for each company, identify employees by their company and manage their pick-up and drop points, and more

How do you collect Employee details including pickup and drop, routes, trips, etc?

As the transport provider, you would be required to create accounts for each company and add details such as routes, stops, vehicles etc. The company representative will have to fill in all employee details which are required for the system to function properly.

Is it possible for Company to get notification?

Yes, the company representative can access the web portal any time and check the notifications. Employees would be getting notified on their phone through the Employee App

Will the Company Management have access to control the system?

Yes. It is possible for the company management to have access if the transport manager creates such a user role with specific access rights.






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