Best Route Planning Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

Route Planning Software is one of the best software solutions when it comes to optimizing your fleet. Managing such fleet routes is generally very complicated, which requires planning following real-time situations, road conditions, calculations, and likewise.


But you don’t have to be worried about these things now as your route planner will deal with all these fleet management services professionally.  

Moreover, the services will also plan out the difficult routes and also analyze the driver’s as well as the truck’s behavior under every possible circumstance.

Finally, after optimizing hundreds of routes heading towards your company, the fleet management app comes up with the best and simplest road.  

Do you want to use a fleet management system for your business but do not know much about it? If yes, then we are here to help!

This guide is dedicated to the best route planning software for businesses that want to get their hands on fleet management. So without wasting any further, stay with us until the end! 

What is a Fleet Management System? 

Fleet management systems mainly focus on the fixation of commercial kinds of stuff. Furthermore, it includes vehicles like cars, trucks, vans, elite vehicles, trailers, private vans, and forklifts. The management of these transports can be covered by fleet management systems easily.

Therefore, the fleet management system is needed for the smooth working of fleet vehicles. However, some common steps like maintenance schedules, fuel usage, and managing costs can keep the vehicles stay new and useful for a longer time.  

What is the Benefit of Using a Fleet Management System? 

When discussing the benefits of enrolling in such management, the fleet management vehicle tracking system overshadows the other points. For example, the system inserts a real-time date on the particular vehicles’ GPS to track it down under any kind of emergency. On the other hand, tracking fuel usage regularly reduces the amount of charges spent on transportation.

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Furthermore, to avoid any kind of extra costs or HOS violations, the driver’s time is also tracked in real-time. There are many more benefits as a circumstance of modern technology, but the points mentioned above are really helpful.  

Furthermore, the planning part here breaks your chunky and big business ideas into different manageable parts and distributes them among a trustful team through user tasks, issues, and stories.

And this article is all about the best and trustful route planning software for your medium-sized business so that you can increase your working network—also, good luck on accelerating your entire enterprise in such a trouble-free way.  

Which is the Best Fleet Management Software for Enterprise Use? 

The main motive of using a fleet management app is to save, reduce costs and remove sustainability. According to the latest trend and preferences, HERE has proved to control all your fleets in the best possible ways.  

What is a Fleet Management Solution? 

When you are ready to hunt for some fleet management solutions, it’s better to know that some general categories will guide you to the best fit for your business.  

  • GPS fleet tracking: The modern fleet solutions can connect many more dots on the map regarding GPS tracking. Hence, it helps you to respond faster to every kind of real-time situation on the road like heavy traffic, blocked roads, and likewise. Also, it introduces fleet management for fuel costing to make the price affordable every month.  
  • Fleet management in videos: Several videos can also guide you to the best route. And it is a lot more easy process. Moreover, this system mainly works on a cloud-based fleet management system. Therefore, cloud-connected videos can regularly update you with all the true stories going on with your fleet.  

What is the Best Tool for Planning Truck Routes? 

The modern era has introduced countless options in every aspect, and so goes with the route planning software. Following the latest trend, the best tool or apps for planning truck routes are as follows:- 

  • Trackobit- This software promises any experienced software providers to help your medium-sized business. And reports say that it had catered around 200 clients till date. 
  • It is a geospatial platform that reaches many extents. It empowers your business to scale, heights, personalized mapping, and harness AI.  
  • Locate2u- It helps businesses flourish more by spreading awareness among the masses. It includes last-mile delivery, cleaning, industries monitor delivery, HVAC, and likewise.  
  • Tookan- It believes in cloud-based delivery. Moreover, it helps the delivery businesses to manage dispatching operations. 
  • DistaDeliver- This tool helps you analyze business, automate, and manage on-demand deliveries with full concern and responsibility.  
  • Woosmap- It targets customers in real-time and introduces the option of personalization by using user location. And it makes your work done in just a few minutes.  

These are the best route planning software and are on top of the list in the current times. These apps or tools are chosen based on their optimization skills, pricing, management skills, empowerment, and, most importantly, the skill to handle clients.  

What is a GPS Tracking System? 

The whole world prefers GPS tracking, and it has proved its worth for quite a long time now. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It includes and studies a network of 24 satellites in orbit along with the devices and fleet on the ground. 

However, a GPS tracking system has three main steps- positioning, timing, and navigation. GPS came into existence around the 1960s, and it has already won people’s trust and time by its skills and usefulness in such a short period.  

How does the Global Positioning System Work in Real Life? 

To track the routes, weather, possible roads, and the whole map, GPS needs to stay connected with all the satellites present around the Earth. These satellites keep on broadcasting the new updates and locations above us. And all these actions are monitored or controlled by the Master Control Station of the GPS.

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The other stations further check the locations and statuses on the ground to highlight the accuracy to the users. Therefore, these control stations are responsible for all the maintenance if something goes wrong.  

What is the Importance of Using Route Planning Software for Medium-Sized Businesses? 

  • Automatic Route Planning : AI tracked system can eliminate extra manual effort while routing planning and optimization, which is not so possible without using such software. They also plan dynamic routes by the real-life constraints like customer priority, diver’s comfort, and other business preferences.  
  • Transparency in Operations : This feature gives you a choice to view both planned as well as the executed routes with your fleet. In addition, you can also get live alerts in case of changed routes, unnecessary halts, potential change of plans, and exceeding traffic breaks. All these points gradually increase your transparency by fulfilling the SLAs.  
  • Intelligent Clubbing of Orders : This feature allows you to handle on-demand orders along with the scheduled orders. Therefore it completely depends upon your choice. Generally, it is done by clubbing the orders together. Some of the route planning software allows you to create zone-based deliveries when handling high-volume transactions. And the most interesting point is the allotment of drivers who are perfect for the particular job.  
  • Enhanced Customer Experience :This step helps you improve your customer experience for the betterment of your business. It also saves your redelivery costs by dealing with the First Attempt Delivery Rates (FADR). You can also drive a total of 360° customer communication through live ETAs, predictive events, and payment procedures. All these communication skills will attract more clients to focus on your business.  


If you are starting with a medium-sized business, then it’s high time for you to install well-defined and trustful route planning software to make your work easier and more impactful. These types of software automate vehicle optimization and schedule by choosing the most efficient track for the specified fleets.  

So when are you planning to install a fleet management system for your business? We are eager to know!