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6 Reasons Truck Driving Is A Dangerous Job [Incl. Safety Tips]

The high rate of on-job fatality in trucking industry is what makes truck driving a dangerous job. While job risks are universal, certain sectors have a higher degree of vulnerability compared to other jobs.


Truck driving is one of such kind which can pose fatal threats. In contrast, a large number of population still enjoy being a truck driver.

Let’s see why truck driving is touted as a dangerous job.

1. Weather Conditions


Poor or extreme weather conditions are challenging for truck drivers. These not only lead to accidents but also impact the performance of vehicles.

Scorching sunny days, foggy mornings, freezing temperatures and rainy weather are not favorable for drivers and trucks. Such bad weather makes drive-ways vulnerable and driving dangerous.

Unexpected weather patterns always trouble drivers.

Rain: With heavy rain, road visibility reduces significantly. In addition to that, rain water forms a layer of water between tires of the vehicle and the road, resulting in hydroplaning.

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Moreover, slippery roads and hidden potholes make driving risky during rain.

Snow: During winter seasons, roads become more troublesome for truck drivers and trucks. Truck tires do not grip ice-covered roads well enough. It takes a lot of skill from drivers to combat such situations.

Wind: Trucks can wade off normal challenges posed by wind, but heavy wind would be hazardous. The massive structure of trailers cannot withstand whirlwinds and causes such vehicles to roll over.

Fog: Drivers cannot see through the road on foggy days. It hinders long-range visibility, increasing chances of bumping into other vehicles and at times even causing vehicles to drive off the road resulting in tragic accidents. In foggy days, it is better to avoid driving altogether.

Safety measures:

  • Park the truck somewhere safe and wait for a favorable climate
  • Practice defensive driving on poor weather condition
  • Limit the speed and use headlights for better visibility
  • Never use jack brake and keep ample distance between vehicles
  • Ensure proper tire pressure and fully functional wiring systems

2. Crowded Seasons


Local events such as carnivals, galas, protests, and rallies always happen by the roadways. People occupy roads to celebrate their regional or national events. Long hauling drivers may not aware about these local events.

Therefore, drivers have to pay attention to the social and political events over the route. During such occasions, people don’t care about vehicles on the road and can act vandalous.

They abruptly cross the road, are careless of the rules and won’t give enough attention to running vehicles. All these factors stand as possible challenges for truck drivers.

Safety measures:

  • Try to stay updated about news related to the route, including events
  • Figure out the crowd-free and fastest route to the destination
  • Slow down or pull off and wait while passing through a lively road
  • Use sound-horn frequently and proper indications while passing

3. Driver Fatigue


The urge to finish the trips as fast as possible forces truck drivers to skip healthy life practices. They may bypass timely food, daily schedules and sleep. Continuous sleepless drives can exhaust even the fittest drivers and cause adverse results.

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Most fatal accidents are caused due to driver fatigue. Improper duty schedules and practices are the major cause for making this job risky.

Safety measures:

  • Take appropriate food, breaks and rest on time
  • Prepare and follow a healthy daily schedule
  • Share the duty with a colleague in a timely manner
  • Never drive under the influence of alcohol

4. Break Down


The life-period of machine parts in vehicles is unpredictable. Heavy machine parts undergo wear and tear over time, and cease functioning.

Especially, parts such as bearing, tubes, nozzles, pipes and moving components cease to perform or burst out. This results in drivers losing control of their vehicles, causing loss of time, life and property.

Safety measures:

  • Carry out thorough, periodical inspection and demand-based vehicle service
  • Carry a toolset for immediate repair requirements
  • Ensure engine oil, coolant and lubrication are enough
  • Check tire pressure and additional tire backup

 5. Poor Training    


Heavy vehicle driving requires good amount of training. Despite the theoretical classes provided for heavy-duty drivers, they require different set of practices. Drivers have to be trained to handle vehicles on different terrains and diverse climatic conditions.

Mostly, poor vehicle controlling capacity and lack of expert knowledge in taking quick decisions make them victims. Drivers with less experience in long hauling trips have to assist such trips before being assigned for the long trip.

The lack of drivers in trucking industry is also a reason for skipping measuring the experience level of drivers.

Safety measures:

  • Get proper heavy vehicle driving training
  • Train until you can handle trucks in all terrains.
  • Practice truck driving over all-weather condition.
  • Gain adequate vehicle engineering knowledge

6. Distracted Driving


Almost every road accident is caused by the lack of attention while driving. Multi-tasking during driving is the root source of this menace. Drivers indulging in smartphones usage, drinking & eating, reading, watching video, talking, and cleaning while driving are all factors which contribute to distracted driving.

Unfortunately, most of the case ends up in fatal injuries and hefty loss. Other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorists are the common victims.

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Safety measures:

  • Never engage in any activities which can distract your attention
  • Take extra caution while driving through crowded roads.
  • Pull off the truck while doing any other activity.

Though a lot of perils are hiding in truck driving job, we can mitigate it significantly. Following the safety measures and exercising the appropriate driving practice can help making truck driving a safe job.

Healthy Habits for Truck Drivers

Unlike any other profession, truck drivers have a very different work-life balance. They spent most of their life time behind the wheels. Over the long trips, while sheering across the highways their truck is their home and all their schedules would be according to it.

The urge to complete the trips as soon as possible to go home always stir them up to evade from healthy driving habits. As a result, it leads them to serious physical and mental troubles and makesthem more vulnerable overtime.

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However, keeping healthy habits not only benefit your present life but also your future days.

Let’s see how truck drives can lead a healthy habit.

1. Timely and Healthy Food

If we ask a truck driver whether they are having food properly or not? They may answer they are, but not at the right time intervals. Also, not the healthy food.

The very schedule that most of the truck drivers are skipping for saving the hours is their food time. Plus, fat snacks are usual trends among truck drivers are while driving.


Over the weeks long trips it’s not possible to take food from the home and even self-cooking as well. And more of the time drivers have to choose packet food and restaurant meals.

This may cause serious health issues such as Obesity, Heart diseases, Hypertension, Diabetes, Acidity etc. However, limiting a few tastes and replacing another few platters can help a lot to manage your health efficiently.

Try these tips to starta healthy habit.

  • Drink a lot of water, but avoid artificial sugar soda and alcohol.
  • Add fruit juice instead of packed bottle drinks.
  • Replace sugar bars, candies and chips with fresh fruits, dry fruits.
  • Add salads in your menus and try grills over fries.
  • Grab some edible cut veggies, spinach and lettuce.

2. Rest and Sleep

Rest is an essential factor for everyone and drivers need it most.

During the long-hauling and daily trips they may require to steers for a lot of hours at a stretch. Further, they might be driving across deserted topographies where no place can find to get some rest. Also, some drivers neglect their heavy eyes to finish up the trip quicker.

This is an unhealthy practice and cause horrible unexpected consequences later. In addition, lack of sleep cause driver fatigue that incur fatal accidents over the trip.

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  • Always find proper time to take rest during long trips.
  • Carry adequate sleeper mattress, blankets and pillows.
  • Regardless of schedules, take enough rest when it is needed.
  • Keep essential measures to fight weather change (Heater, sweaters, etc.).
  • White noise machines can help to get rid of outside sounds.

3. Daily Exercise

For truck drivers’ daily workout may sounds insanely impossible at all. It’s quite impossible to leave the truck and go for a long jog or finding a gym.

However, physical labor involved in driving is less. Moreover, having protein rich snacks and meals make drivers fatter and subsequently knock down the health of drivers.

Exploiting all the possible modes of workout is the best solution to fend off ill-health.

Here we found few effective exercise tips to give a go with in the limited time and area.

  • Try Shoulder stretch and hand stretch to get rid of muscle cramping and stiffness.
  • Jog around the truck parking yard, this will help to refresh the whole body.
  • A few seconds for a few back bends helps to decompress your spine.
  • Front bends with at least a 5 repetition helps to increase the blood circulation.
  • Knees up are brilliant exercise to strengthen and stretch the pelvis.
  • A number of neck- stretches releases the tension from your neck and shoulders.

4. Heal the mind

Trips that stretch to weeks make life monotonous more often and cloud the mind of drivers. This state of mind may lead them to absent minded and avert their attention form driving.

Hence, finding few moments to spend to refresh our mind is high recommended for a better and healthy life. The things that inspires and engage your mind with fresh thoughts helps a lot to fend off the bleakness of work.

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It may be a book, a piece of music, a call to family or a couple of snaps of places you are steering around. Try to engage your mind and body to that, it helps really a lot.


The life of a vehicle driver is much complicated and demanding. The prospects of risk are high on each ride. Preparing ourselves to confront any challenge is the best way to being healthy in personal life and career.

Have a happy ride.