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50 Countries That Accepts UAE Driving License

The Driving License issued by the Emirates has been given the Green Signal for over 50 countries around the World.

uae driving license valid countries

The fact that they can now drive or be hired to drive over 50 Countries is just more than good news for UAE driving license holders.

uae driving license valid countries

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation (MoFAIC) here is the complete list of countries which accept the driving license issued by the Emirates

FranceSouth Africa
New ZealandLithuania
Saudi ArabiaBahrain

P.S: Bear in mind that the list can be changed in case a new law. So don’t forget to check for legal requirements before visiting the country.

New Vehicle Inspection Technologies In UAE

In Dubai technology of today is becoming an old story tomorrow. They are updating to new innovations every day. The innovations in communication, automation, and artificial intelligence have brought in a lot of changes across different sectors.

Leaving nothing untouched the growth of technology is leaping at an unpredictable pace every day. Especially in the vehicle industry, new modes of advanced features are taking over conventional means.

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Likewise, the way vehicle inspection was performed is becoming an old story. The new inventions in vehicle inspection technology are over turning the process quit efficiently. Moreover, the government of Dubai is trying to safeguard the lives of people in all possible means.

The purpose of advanced vehicle inspection modes

The ultimate purpose of vehicle testing is to ensure the road-worthiness of vehicles. A country such as Dubai which has a keen attention to the lives of people doesn’t compromise to put people lives at risk.


The types of vehicle tests in Dubai such as Defect Test, Export Test, New Vehicle Registration Test, Periodic Vehicle Test, and Re-test are vital to performing at the recommended intervals to have a trouble-free journey across the country.

To prevent the accessibility of unsafe vehicles from the roads of Dubai they are introducing a comprehensive solution to find all sorts of defects in vehicles in detail. All these new technologies are to ensure an error-free inspection of vehicles within minimal moments.

New age Vehicle Inspection Technologies

1. Smart Glass Technology

Smart Glass Technology

Leveraging the advantages of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology, the vehicle inspection process is becoming more amplified. The details that have been hard to dig out over a manual inspection is no more difficult to figure out.

Smart glasses which are coming with high-definition camera help to record everything before our eyes and the same can be streamed by other devices from the control center. Also, this wearable gives adequate information to carry out a thorough inspection.

Inspectors who are wearing such smart glasses can access digital information of the live-environment that they are gazing at.


  • Availability of contextual digital information of vehicles that are under inspection.
  • Record vehicle inspection process and can streamed from control centers.
  • Optimized information sharing and communication with all inspection staffs.
  • Remote supervision and support for inspectors and accurate defect detection.

The whole functioning of the machines and parts will be available through smart glasses.

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The inspectors can view the virtual versions of the vehicles they are examining in real-time. Hence they can carry out a precise and accurate inspection.

2. Smart Inspection Robot

Smart Inspection Robot

Smart vehicle inspection robots are making unprecedented leaps in vehicle inspection process around the world. It is not only simplifying vehicle inspection but also improving the quality of the vehicle inspection.

The smart robots are designed to carry out a precise inspection with detailed video capturing. Inspectors can screen it and monitor the process from a remote location.

By employing smart inspection robot the way vehicle inspection has been performed has changed. These robots are helping to examine the vehicles in great details with high-quality pictures.

Scanning the number plates, undercarriages and all over the vehicles, it enables the inspectors to figure out the defects accurately.


  • Easy and custom inspection operation.
  • Low profile inspection is possible.
  • High-definition video coverage.
  • Long-range wireless operation.
  • Detailed, all-angle video monitoring.
  • Long runtime with better durability.
  • Noiseless and Fast inspection.

3. On-board Diagnosis Devices

On-board Diagnosis Devices

OBD devices are not a stranger in the automobile sector. The purpose of OBD devices is to enable the ability of a vehicle to diagnose it by itself and the capability to report it.

On early 1980 the first version of OBD’s was functioning. However, overtime it has made immense makeover and today it is almost a self-sufficient computer.

In vehicle inspection, OBD device helps to collect the status of vehicles and its health condition. Including engine status, fluid levels, temperature, pressure, speed, and performance.

Every malfunctioning of vehicles can be gathered through the OBD systems.

Embedded OBDs with the smart robots, today inspection process it more easy and accurate. Finding every slightest mismatches and defect, OBDs are serving as an intelligent assistant for vehicle inspectors.


  • Easy detection of defects in vehicles.
  • Detailed error-report of vehicles.
  • Able to embed with advance device for better diagnosis.
  • Assist maintenance operation with accurate data.
  • Faster diagnosis and precise fault positioning.
  • Better information sharing and greater control.

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The technologies in different vehicle operation sectors are growing exponentially every day. New modes of innovations like advanced inspections techniques, professional vehicle management software and vehicle performance boosters are adding more value to the vehicles.

Fleet Accident Causes In UAE – Points To Keep In Mind While Driving

Though huge and proven course of actions is employed all across the roads of UAE for mitigating the accident rate, the number of fatalities is still shocking.

Last year it has been reported that over speeding caused an extremely frightening 230 deaths in the UAE.

Importantly, the major reason that hinders the accident- free traffic ecosystem is the ignorance of drivers and their distracted driving practices.


Practicing a safe and secure driving behavior and traffic culture is the best solution for eliminating road fatalities.

Keeping up with the traffic rules, following the safety recommendations such as seat belt and indicator signals and lane discipline will help to secure our lives across our journey. 

fleet accident causes in uae

Driving Rules in UAE – All You Need To Know

As a bountiful country which is very attentive on the lives and welfare of their citizens and equally the visitors, UAE follows the most secure and stringent driving practice policies.

It has been found careless driving practice such as over speed, tailgating, abrupt lane change; inappropriate turns, missing lane discipline and ignoring signals are the causes of road accidents.

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Hence to improve driver behaviors across the country, UAE has a set of rules that has to be followed by the drivers. Besides, the rules are not just for drivers it also for all sorts of road users including pedestrians. And violation of any of these rules hits hard on our life in UAE.

Let’s have a look over the driving rules in UAE

Who can drive here?

In UAE anyone who is 18 or above with a valid international driving license or a UAE license is free to drive across the country. In addition, the driver has to keep the entire relevant vehicle documents such as

  • Valid Driving license
  • Insurance papers
  • Registration Documents
  • Proof of Identity

If you are a visitor in the UAE and want to drive a hired car, all you need to care about is bringing Intentional driving Permit. However, keeping a valid homeland driving license helps at times.

Speed Limit

Since speed cause above 60% of fatal accidents on the road, limiting the speed according to the lane is essential to assure a safe journey. In UAE we have to follow a different set of speed on different roads.

Likewise, for different vehicles also we have to upkeep a specific speed limit. Hence, always have a look on the signboards to get the permitted speed limit.

The minimum and maximum speed limit has been set not by some mere assumption here, but by careful traffic safety studies.

The design of the road, road condition and weather determine the speed limit. So, we have to aware of the speed limit of each road and the particular vehicle.

  • In Freeways, you can sheer over the street from 140 km/h – 160km/h
  • In rural roadways, your speed limit would be less than 100km/h
  • In parking and service roads we shouldn’t breach 25km/h
  • In urban locations, we can pick up speed from 40 to 80km/h
  • In residential areas, the permitted speed is 40km/h

The violation of any of the limits cost a lump sum.

Going down below the minimum speed cost 400dh for the driver in the UAE. Further, exceeding the maximum limits cost quite a bit Dirhams according to the degree of our excess speed.

In addition, all trespassers earn black points that end up in retention of the vehicle for a certain period and cancellation of our driving dreams in UAE maybe forever.

For example: If our car breached the ultimate speed limit by over 80 km/h we will be liable for remit Dh3000 and get our license blocked for 60 days. And, as the exceeding speed decreases the penalty amount would be get shorten.

Seat Belt

In UAE the passengers relaxing at the rear seats also have to put on seat belt all around the ride. Hope you won’t have any doubt about the driver and the passenger sitting on the and front seat.

Sadly, if the driver fails to ensure that everyone is haven’t buckled up, the driver will get fined 400dh.

Also, the strings attached with the ignorance is not ending up there, further the driver loses this good score by four black points.

The rules come with a mandatory child safety seat for children up to four-year-old. Additionally, passengers below 10 years old are not allowed to sit on the front seat. Any ignorance of these rules results in hefty fines and black points.


Parking in UAE has been characterized by three zones such as commercial, non-commercial and special area. According to the duration, location, and type, parking charges are different in each emirate.

Moreover, there are a set of must-follow rules while you park anywhere outside your personal habitat.

Any negligence in that cause insanely weighty fines and black points.

On public holiday and Friday parking is free in UAE.

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Check these while parking

  • Do not park your vehicle on the lot allotted for the ambulance.
  • Never park your car in a way that blocks other vehicles.
  • Do not park at loading or offloading areas.
  • Do not dare to Park in the prohibited area.
  • Do not park and leave your car insecure.
  • Pavements are not for parking, leave it for pedestrians.

Keep in mind, any violation of these rules brings heavy fine ranging from AED 400 to AED 1000. And in any way, if our vehicle becomes a cause of the accident the further legal strings also follows.

Driving Practices

Apart from these important factors, we have seen above, driving in UAE need some more understandings.

Particularly, Distractive Driving, Rash Driving, Driving under Influence, Defying on the Signals and keeping an Indecent Driver Behavior.

Anything that put the lives of the people vulnerable is not entertained here.

Over UAE it is essential to keep a decent driving behavior all around the country. No one can give a damn about the rules and recommended practices.

Any vehicle that jumps the signals will get punished with appropriate measures.

Therefore, always have a look at the signs and signals across your trips.

Please remember to practice these points while driving in UAE,

Follow the traffic signals.

Never make any traffic jam.

Refrain from illegal transportation

Don’t drive without a number plate.

Avoid dangerous overtaking practices.

Always keep a safe distance between vehicles.

Avoid rash driving and taking sudden swerves.

Never drive under the influence of any kind of drugs.

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Driving in UAE is a choice experience. No all countries around our planet offer such a safe and secure road and traffic facilities. Hence, toeing with the line always helps us to ensure a comfortable drive for us as well as others.

Top 10 Luxury Car Rental Companies In Dubai

Dubai- where luxury reigns with all extravagance.  Blessed with all wealth and beauty, Dubai offers a wide range of charm for every visitor.

As the most lavish emirate around UAE, the streets of Dubai serve as a ramp for luxury cars. Also, the whole city is adorned with modern architectural wonders.

It is impossible to experience the real magnificence of Dubai short of a ride in a luxury car.

Luckily, the visitors are fortunate to have a ride anywhere they wish in Dubai, thanks to luxury car rental companies in Dubai.

They offer a wide array of exotic vehicles for hire. However, we cannot guarantee all of it is our cup of coffee.

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The rent, service and policies are different. So, here we are listing some of the best luxury car rental companies in Dubai.

1. Platinum Luxury Cars


Being a loyal partner in provision of luxury car rental in UAE, Platinum Luxury Cars is a recommended provider in luxury car rental service.

Their flamboyant collection of luxurious vehicles of all brands is open for all who have a love for a lush ride across Dubai.


The list of exciting services spans from chauffeur to sports vehicles of all lush. Further, Platinum Luxury Car promising an appealing and well-timed customer supports.

Interestingly, the luxury 7 seated vehicles are an exclusive category for those who love to see the extravaganza of Dubai with family or friends.

2. AL Jalil Rental Dubai 


For AL Jalilrental Dubai, luxury is a not just the matter for elites, they make it available for everyone.

With a generous chauffeur and car rental service they provide excellent luxury travel experience around Dubai.

Also, they deliver the service at the door step of customer regardless of location. They offer free pick up and drop as per the convenience of customer.

Plus, they are up 24/7 for all inquiries and to take bookings as well. Their customer centered dealing made all the luxury at a sensible cost.

3. Be VIP Rent a Car


Being one of the leading luxury car rental companies in UAE, “Be VIP Rent a Car” adding luxury across the streets of Dubai since 2012.

Be VIP Rent a car provides various rental services spans from luxury cars for all occasions, Limousine, chauffeur service and luxurious yacht rental services also.

The seasonal discounts and offers on car rents is a best deal for every visitors in Dubai. Moreover, they bid additional discounts for subscribing to their newsletter as well.

Further, with a proactive customer support crew they provide best in class service all around.

Moreover, they bid additional discounts for subscribing to their newsletter as well. Further, with a proactive customer support crew they provide best in class service all around.

4. Number One Car Rental


Since 2014, Number One Car Rental has been functioning as a promising merchant of luxury cars for hire service.

Delivering the most prestigious luxury cars they have been fulfilling the dreams of every customer.

Further, they help the travelers to find the best luxury hotel anywhere in Dubai at the best rate.

Hence, Number One Car Rental service offers a comprehensive luxury package to suffice every need of a visitor in Dubai.

5. Edel & Stark


Edel and Stark is a widespread name in the luxury market. Spanned across the world, Edel& Stark offers a world- class luxury fleet service in UAE.

Their wide array of service not only involves in luxury cars rental but also in air traveling service and chauffeur service.

Their wide array of service not only involves in luxury cars rental but also in air traveling service and chauffeur service.

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Sports car tour is one of the exciting dishes they offer in UAE. In addition, they are live 24/7 for take reservations and answer any customer questions.

Plus, their short term and long term rental service open a customizable car rental plan for the customers.

6. One Click Drive


A single point where we can meet more than fifty car rental suppliers of all size and shape. Functioning over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman they offer cheap budget cars and luxury car rental services.

They are serving as a platform to meet the right rental provider across UAE and help to meet our choice car rentals partner.

Involving cars of all range, One Click Drive is an ideal solution for everyone. We can select from more than 50,000 verities of vehicles from their list. Also, they’re providing chauffeur service along with the cars.

7. Prox Car Rental


Started from the love for exotic cars, Prox car rental is an outstanding car rental enterprise in Dubai.

Functioning with a broad prospect Prox Car Rental extends luxury car rental service for both local and international tourists across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Maintaining the highest quality and cost effective service, they become a popular choice among the car rental providers of UAE.

Besides, they offer car leasing service across UAE. Their friendly and polite customer service provides round the clock support for the customers. 

8. Luxury Plus Cars


Opening the opportunity to taste the luxury of travel to everyone, “Luxury Plus Cars” serves as an best luxury car rental provider in UAE.

With the flamboyant history of 5000 satisfied customers Luxury Plus Cars continuing their journey with the promising excellence in service.

As a loyal luxury car rental dealer in Dubai, they are expanding their services to upkeep the long term relations with customer and enterprises.

9. Alwaahid Rent a Car


Alwaahid rent a Car offers a lot of reasons to go for a luxury ride in Dubai. Offering more discounts and deals for the customer, they inspire them to keep riding.

Their seamless booking process enables anyone to have a comfy travel experience in any of the most prestigious cars in the world.

Furthermore, their humble customer support is another factor that keeps these name inside every customer while searching for another luxury ride.

10. Apex 


Offering a wide range of exotic luxury cars to choose, Apex serves as one of the best luxury companion in Dubai with an affordable expense.

Whether it is a business trip or a leisure visit, Apex offers all sort of luxury car service across Dubai.

Whether it is a business trip or a leisure visit, Apex offers all sort of luxury car service across Dubai.

Being a promising car rental partner Apex guarantees an exceptional customer service. The free pickup and drop service is a reliable travel solution for foreign travelers.

The range of services spans from Chauffeur service, Convertible cars, SUV, Prom cars, Wedding limos, Limousines, Sports cars etc.

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The24/7 personal reservation facility that enables anyone can reserve their choice car from their website is a thrilling experience.

Plus, by delivering the best customer support and exciting traveling experience this is a best choice to be considered.


The list luxury car rental providers in Dubai never end here. There are plenty of small and large service providers across Dubai.

However, we hope this list make your search quite easier. Although, all of them are providing the same service, the listed providers are found to be trending.

Hope you can find the right travel partner, happy journey.

Top 5 School Transport Services in UAE

Transporting children from home and school is a process requires additional attention and care. It entails serious responsibilities and duties as well.

Though there are several service providers, the reliable and secure commuting service providers are few in school transportation sector.

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However, let’s see some of the school transport service providers which are equipped with trained school bus drivers, staffs, security and with all safety standards.

1. School Transport Services (STS)

STS is a recognized school transport service provider honored by the prestigious quality measuring bodies of the transportation sector in UAE.

Built on the foundation of safety and security STS offers a safe journey for the students.

Embedded with efficient fleet management technologies they ensure reliable school transportation service for every student.


In addition, every school bus of STS is mounded with real-time monitoring devices such as camera, GPS tracking devices, smart cards.

Following and recommending stringent codes of conduct STS promises the behavior of drivers and staff are good enough.

Further, providing conductor service for every bus and appropriate care for students of all age, STS is functioning as a valued school transportation service provider.


  • Customized Service Plans
  • Live Control-room-operation
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Parent smart App
  • Well Trained Driver
  • Safety Measures
  • Well Maintained Vehicle

2. Arab falcon Bus Rental LLC

Functioning as one of the best reliable and secure school and staff transportation service provider, Arab falcon Bus rental LLC is a promising transportation service provider.

Offering an exclusive customer care service for parents they guarantee a tense-free school transportation service.

Powered with advanced GPS technologies and efficient fleet management systems they are providing transparent transport service for students.

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Also, keeping the local as well as national standers Arab Falcon Bus Rental has been serving as a reputed school transportation service provider around UAE.


  • Regular Inspection
  • Safety Measures
  • Security surveillance
  • Trained driver
  • Foreman Service
  • Customer Care
  • Real-time Tracking
  • CCTV Surveillance

3. Fancy Transport

With a legacy of more than 15 years Fancy Transport is functioning as an established transportation service provider in UAE.

Offering an affordable and equally comfortable shuttling service they are synonymous in supplying quality School transit service.

As the top large scale transportation provider their services are far and wide.

Including daily commuting service and one side conveyance service they are capable enough to carry out any sort of transportation with automated scheduling and fleet management technologies.

Their services spans over school transportation, crew transit, city tour trips, short conveyance etc. and all this can be tailored according to the requirements as well.


  • Tailor-made Service
  • Security Enabled
  • Safety Features
  • School Bus Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking

4. Swat Transport

Swat is a passenger conveyance service supplier thriving in bus rental service across the UAE.

Including school, staff transportation and long lease rental service their operations extents all across UAE in bus renting business.

Furnished with all kind of wagons that can afford 10- 84 people at a time, Swat provides buses for small family trips to corporates trips for transnational corporations.

Further, they are readily open for cater to any kind of customer bus requirement.

Their expert driver and support team ensures to provide a well-organized and safe commute for school students without composmising the safety standards and policies.


  • Trained Driver
  • Safety Measures
  • RTA & DOT compliance
  • Customized Service
  • Real-time Monitoring

5. Shanawaz Group

As a professional bus rental enterprise in UAE, Shanawaz Group is a big-boss in this industry since years.

Complying with all security and safety constraints their buses are serving the schools with due diligence.

Importantly, concentrating on safety, security and comfort of travelers, they are very attentive in keeping it on the track.

Without compromising any of the safety and security measures Shanawas Group has been diligently working to deliver a promising transit for student across UAE.


  • RFID Tracker
  • GPS Trackers
  • CCTV Footage
  • Petrol Engine Bus
  • Trained Driver
  • Air Condition
  • RTA & DOT compliance


Though school transportation is an intense task to manage, it is always better to have a research before jumping on to the offers of service providers.

Also, we have to assure of whether the promised facilities are keeping up or not.

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The selection of school bus drivers, staffs and the functioning of the entire operation have to be considered prior to picking the right supplier.

Hope this list helps you to find the best school transport service providers in UAE.