On Demand Vehicle Booking

Let your clients and employees enjoy this convenience of on demand vehicle booking. Whether you want to attend a meeting, take client to an external location, or go out due to an emergency, or be it any other occasion, you can have the following benefits

  • Fast and comfortable rides
  • Save valuable time
  • Improve productivity
  • Empower your business with better user experience

Our Apps


Employee App

  • Via the app employees can book the vehicle for themselves and book for customers
  • Employee can check the nearest avaialble vehicle with the app
  • Employee can communicate with driver and track the vehicle location in real time
  • Emoployee can check their previous rides( trip history)

Delivery Personnel App

  • Via the App the delivery personnel can confirm & verify the vehicle condition physically check for scratches, Fuel limits & extra dets
  • Rental Administrators If Requested can inspect the rented vehicle before going on the trip via the app
  • The Delivery person can deliver the vehicle effectively to the delivery spot without any hassles





Subscription plans