Advanced Fleet Management: What Is It?

Advanced Fleet Management: What Is It?

Fleet safety and transportation are two major factors that companies need to always keep in mind while planning business operations. This becomes even more important in companies that have multiple shifts, especially odd-hour shifts.


If the number of trips is less, then the vehicle management can be done manually. However, when the number of trips and shifts are high, it is better to use advanced fleet management software.

What is Advanced fleet management?

A fleet consists of more than 3 or 4 vehicles. Fleet management involves managing all these vehicles, planning the routes, and organizing pick up and drop points. While managing the routes and the timings, the shift timings should also be considered.

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Fleet management includes organizing routes, grouping based on locations and shift timings, monitoring driver behavior and maintaining the vehicles. Fleet managers can keep track of all this information manually or using a software application.

How does Advanced fleet management software work?

A tracking unit with GPS is installed in the vehicle will collect data by the tracker and transmit it to a Cloud server. The data in the Cloud server can be checked by a system that has access to the server. In many cases, the GPS tracker in the vehicle will have an internal “Black box” that will store all the data if the vehicle is out of network coverage.

Once the vehicle moves into a location that has network coverage, the data starts transmitting. On the user end, there will be an application dashboard. The layout and depth of information displayed on the dashboard depending on the software application.


When you get a fleet management software, you will need to create an account for your company and add details regarding the vehicles and drivers. Then, you need to add the shift and trip details. Finally, upload employee details with location, pickup, and drop points. The software application will give you an option to create multiple trips based on shifts.

So, once you install the application and upload the details, you don’t need to do much. Also, if there any changes in the shift details, pickup or drop points, the details need to be updated. The software application takes care of all the other particulars

Features of an Advanced Fleet Management Software


The user side of the fleet management application will have a dashboard where you can view all the information. The admin dashboard will give you all the details as well as the report. The driver console dashboard will have details of the trip, route, pickup time, and route.


The top feature of a fleet management software is the detailed reports of each trip. You can easily track the names of employees who traveled in a particular vehicle, route, driver details, as well as the time of start and trip end.

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The app generates such reports for every trip. You will know the details of the employees traveling in a vehicle and the driver details. The app also generates other kinds of reports such as employee attendance, distance traveled, fuel consumption, trip time, and more. You can even keep track of the vehicle service and repair through the reports. The app will also give you an option to customize the report based on your preferences and priorities.


You can install geofencing in all the vehicles in the fleet. So, if the vehicle travels out of the “virtual fence,” you will immediately get notification about the same. You can create the geofence based on the trip route. So, if the vehicle goes outside the predetermined route, you will immediately be notified. Geofencing enhances the safety of your assets. It also helps you track fuel consumption.

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics

One of the top expenses in fleet management is vehicle maintenance. If you’ve been manually keeping track of the vehicle services and reports, then you will know how difficult and time consuming the task is. With transport management software, you will have an integrated view of all the maintenance reports of all the vehicles.


You can even have the app send you notifications when it’s time for the next service. It can also update you about the spare parts purchased. The clear details will help fleet managers manage the service and maintenance without much hassle.

Lifecycle management

The transport management software helps in vehicle lifecycle management, from procurement to disposal. You can also keep track of loans, repayment, regular services, spare parts, tire use and more. The app also helps you track fuel usage, accident tracking, and preventive maintenance.

Benefits of Using a Transport Management Software


Compliance is one of the most important things in fleet management. But sadly fleet managers are so focussed on the daily maintenance that they may let compliance tests and checks slip by. The software will notify if there are any issues in compliance rules or if it’s time for a license or registration renewal and more.


The fleet management software helps you keep track of the vehicle movement. From the vehicle they travel into the time they were dropped off, the app will have all the details.

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So, in case of any emergency, you can easily track the vehicle and do the needful immediately. Also, all driver details will be on the app. So, you can also check for driver behaviour and ensure that the assets are safe.

Driver Identification & Behaviour

One of the advantages of using a fleet management software is that you can have a clear record of the driver details. You can track driver behaviour, accidents, complaints against the driver, and other factors.

Based on all the data, you can evaluate the driver’s performance. If the driver has a track record of over speeding, bad language usage, or improper behaviour, you can take action. Plus, you will have all the records you need to justify your action.


Fleet management software is mobile accessible. So, it convenient for drivers to check details of the route, pick up and drop timings and other details right on their phone.


The app will also have different dashboards for drivers, and management. you can check the app to see the details of the vehicle, pickup point and pickup time.


Fleet management software helps reduce unnecessary expenses. The route optimization feature helps you create the best route based on traffic conditions and pickup points. Also, preventive maintenance helps avert unnecessary repairs and services.

Fuel Efficiency

You can improve the fuel efficiency of all the vehicles in your fleet by using this management software. First, the route optimization feature reduces dry runs and overlapping routes. Secondly, the app gives updated pickup time notifications. So, vehicle idling time is reduced, which further reduces fuel consumption.


There are many benefits to using advanced fleet management software. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to manage your fleet, contact us right away.