How Can Fleet Management Help Your School?

How Can Fleet Management Help Your School?

School bus management is always a challenge for every school. It demands a lot of attention, regular follow up and frequent intervention. As a key component in school administration, school buses have to be managed efficiently.

A proactive fleet management system is all it takes.

Moreover, employing a fleet management system will help to ensure the safety of the children, the staff and the bus together.

Let’s check what fleet management system got for schools,

Real-time tracking

You can trace the school bus all the way across the city with the fleet management system. Where the buses have hit the break? Wherever the buses had been rushed off? Anywhere it has breached the rules of the road?-can be recorded accurately.

According to the route-chart the school can map the real-time status of the fleets. The GPS further inform the drivers about the traffic and hurdles on the way. Hence, using a full-fledged fleet management system schools can literally watch out every fleet activity in real-time.                                                                                                                                     

Preventive maintenance

For schools, the buses are an indispensable factor, particularly on all the working days.

Thus, the chances of repair rise substantially. So, if we can prevent the issues beforehand, we can possibly run an uninterrupted fleet operation.

The Fleet management system is designed for mitigating these problems. Working hand in hand with the machine parts, sensors, actuators, gauges and meters it will provide the accurate working status of the parts in the bus. Hence, we can foresee the problems and can prevent it at its start.

Enhance fuel efficiency

The most significant benefit that a fleet management system possibly brings to any enterprise is fuel saving. 

Of the numerous enterprises that have been trying fleet management software are telling they could save around 30% of fuel every year.

The idling time, running time, unauthorized routes, poor terrain, extreme weather condition which cause fuel consumption can be traced with fleet management software. Hence they can recommend the most productive practices to carry out.

Driver satisfaction

When the driver is cool, everything around the vehicle would be quite chilling. Hence, to suffice them, fleet management software is an exciting tool.

Instead of questioning the driver, the managers can draw the reports directly from the fleet management system. Since each and every moment of the vehicle can be traced, there won’t be any disputes among the staff drivers and the management.

The hassles across the route, disturbing weather, and traffic data are visible at the real-time. Thus it will help the drivers to report readily at the
odd times.

Thus, this not only smoothens up the jobs of drivers but also the fleet manager to upkeep a friendly relation with the staff.

Documentation management

Almost everything is involved with fleet operation should be documented. Documentation is not the same for every vehicle. Especially, for the school bus, we have to follow a stringent policy in updating the papers without mercy.

The schedules, permits, Insurance policy, certificates and license of the bus as well as the driver should be verified appropriately.  Hence maintaining the papers of vehicles are a dreadful job and largely confusing also.

Hence, fleet management system serves as a safe vault for keeping all the documents updated. Plus, making it accessible for the driver and the manager at once, it offers a convenient documentation management solution intact.

Cost optimization

Those enterprises once have been paying through their nose on fleets are thanking fleet management system from their heart. It’s not just because of its features, but for helping them saves an exuberant amount of money that they’ve been splashing for the fleets.

Schools are no different!

By cutting the needless miles traveled, picking the safest route to flee, lifting the fuel efficiency higher, skipping the downtime on-time and kicking the productivity high the fleet management system is in control of the overall cost optimization.


The exciting features of fleet management tool is not concluded here. For schools, fleet management system is more like an auto-magical strategizing partner.

It helps them to plan every fleet activity progressively without any compromise in safety. Especially, for the schools, GPS tracking is a very helpful tool for tracking the buses all the way. Further, it helps the schools to ensure the students are quite safe.