15 Tips to Prevent Drowsy Driving [This List Could Save Your Life]

15 Tips to Prevent Drowsy Driving [This List Could Save Your Life]

Let’s face it:

Anybody can fall asleep while driving, especially when driving for long hours. Such a situation is quite frequent with truck drivers who have to steer day and night to transport goods from one destination to another.

Sleepiness while driving is not only a tragic threat to the drivers but also for the lives and properties along their path. That is why drivers must stay awake to avoid unfortunate hazards on the roads.  

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Here is the list of tips that can help drivers stay awake on the road while driving.

1. Take Power Naps


Lack of proper rest and sleep is the major cause that incurs sleepiness. Power naps are a great solution to resolve this challenge for truck drivers.

Instead of driving with heavy eyelids and drowsy mind you can make a pit stop and take a half hour nap if you have time to spare.


It helps to fuel up our energy and refresh our mind. Also, enhance our performance and cut down the chances of mistakes and thereby accidents.

A 40 minute emergency nap is recommended to drivers to combat sleepiness and drowsiness while driving. 

2. Listen to Loud Sound/Music


Studies state that music below 55 decibels is pleasant to the ears, which you should not play during driving. Instead, you can try something loud, at 90 decibels. A sound of that much intensity will make you stay awake as it will disturb your sleep.

But, make sure not to do it for too long as it can damage your hearing. Many even stay awake by listening to the songs they hate. If you do not mind practicing that, then go ahead.

3. Have Light Meals


Consuming massive meals makes your body work harder to digest food. That can cause the body to lose energy faster. With improper utilization of energy in the body, a person can feel drowsy.

Instead, prefer light meals, as that will add fewer burdens on the digestive system. Furthermore, it will make you feel hungry,  which will keep you active.

4. Drive During Active Hours


Sometimes a driver might not be able to drive at his full potential, as he did not choose the appropriate hours for driving.

To operate vehicles efficiently without falling asleep, you should select hours during which you do are the most active. That way, it will be easier to drive without feeling sleepy.

5.  Take Healthy Stimulants


At times drivers need to stay awake for long hours to finish their duty.. And there won’t be any room for a quick nap. For that, they can rely on healthy instant stimulants such as coffee and energy drinks. This can help curb sleep. Just make sure to consume such stimulants in moderation.

6. Chew Ice Cube


It might sound funny, but chewing on an ice cube can help stay awake. The cold sensation stimulates our senses and keeps your brain active reducing chances of falling asleep.

However, don’t make it a habit or an immediate trick to get refreshed. It may affect you adversely on a long run.

7. Stay Hydrated


When you feel dehydrated, your body feels lethargic and sleepiness. It affects the normal bodily metabolisms and blood volume. As a result, you might experience headache, dizziness and dry mouth & eyes.

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As a driver, you must stay hydrated to stay awake and healthy. Hydration does not necessarily need to be through fluids. You can also consume fruits to fill up the lack of water in the body.

8. Sing


If you love to sing, then this could be an excellent time to try it out. You do not even have to be a good singer as long as you enjoy it. Just let your vocal cords be free of the nervousness that you might feel when in public.

Singing will keep you stimulated to stay awake and improve your mood and reduce your road rage.

9. Keep Body in Motion      


It can be annoying to stay glued in one position for several hours. While it will be impossible to get up and roam around while driving, you can still try to facilitate some movement in your body while driving.

If possible, take a stop after every 30 to 60 minutes of driving. Stretch your body to feel active.

10. Spray Cold Water on Face


Splashing cold water on face is a harmless idea that can be tried anytime. It helps to refresh and stimulate the senses.

You can also keep a spray bottle filled with icy, cold water. Use it to spray water on your face from time to time and stay awake if you feel drowsy.

11. Avoid Sugar


You might be aware of a sugar rush. While this condition gives you a small boost of energy, yet a high consumption of sugar exhausts your body.

That happens because sugar reduces the activity of orexin cells, which is responsible for controlling appetite and alertness. While driving, you must regulate your blood sugar level to avoid tiredness.

12. Set Up a Snooze Alarm


You can also stay awake if you have something to keep you awake. Use your phone’s snooze alarm feature to maintain alertness after every couple of minutes.

Phone holders can be helpful in this situation. Use it to avoid distraction on the road. Make sure alarms don’t distract your driving.

13. Keep the Cabin Window Open


Staying in a closed space with closed windows can make you dazed. It can be possible because of the pleasant air coming from the AC, if you have one, in your truck cabin.

Or, it can also be because of breathing diesel or other chemical fumes that can cause the mind to act dopey. So, open the cabin window often to breathe in the natural air.

14. Chew Gum


Even the slightest body movements can keep us active and helps in staying awake and falling asleep. You are going to feel sleepy if you sit still without much motion. Thus, involve yourself in activities, such as chewing a piece of gum to stay focused and awake.

15. Consume Vitamin C


Vitamin C is not a remedy to stay awake, yet it does have properties to help you avoid tiredness. Studies say that consuming 500 mg of vitamin C can help you stay active while driving. So, you can choose foods that have this nutrient in abundance.

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Final Words

When you have to drive for a long haul, you are bound to feel dazed. Your best bet to avoid any mishaps is by staying awake throughout your journey. Practice the tips given above to ensure that you have a safe ride while on your road trip.