Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking Software

With advanced GPS fleet tracking software you can monitor your vehicles in real time, receive notifications in the event of reckless driving and keep track of how many times your vehicle was halted and for how long. This contributes to increased efficiency and argues for the prevention of wrongdoing.

Is it possible to disable the factory GPS in a car?

After locating a GPS tracking device, it can be disabled. Apart from detaching the battery, it is possible to disable the GPS signal.

It is critical to completely remove and dispose of the device to ensure that it does not continue sending your whereabouts. 

What are the reasons to buy GPS devices for personal tracking? 

1.With fleet tracking, you can increase your fleet’s visibility 

Gain a near-real-time, 360-degree perspective of your fleet’s daily operations to help you decrease costs, boost productivity, stay on top of vehicle maintenance, and make the most of every work day. 

2.Fleet management with fewer resources 

Improved fleet visibility enables you to assess what you own and how it is being used. Our GPS fleet tracking technology can assist you in identifying hidden costs and opportunities for increased production and efficiency. 

3.Monitor the status and activity of any vehicle in your fleet. 

High-resolution maps combined with intelligent grouping and detail on demand give a simple yet effective vehicle tracking solution for the following purposes: 

  • Contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption 
  • Provide precise arrival times 
  • Monitor car diagnostics and maintenance requirements 
  • Maintain visibility over your mobile personnel and equipment. 
  • Prevent unlawful use outside of the designated area 

4.Analyze the performance of your fleet over time 

Important trends can be viewed by the team, department, or the entire fleet. With near real-time fleet statistics offered by our fleet tracking system, our configurable dashboards make it simple to monitor your progress toward KPIs or budgets. 

Who is the target audience for fleet tracking? 

For fleet managers searching for an easy-to-use vehicle tracking system that solves typical pain areas such as excessive fuel expenses, employee productivity, driver safety, compliance, and asset protection. 

1.Maintain compliance with ELD requirements 

By automating the recording of on-duty, off-duty, and driving operations, Electronic Logging Devices can assist truck drivers in remaining compliant. 

Because the hardware is directly attached to the vehicle, it increases the accuracy of HOS records and can help reduce the risk of fines for missing or out-of-date logs, which result in exceeding the daily limit. 

2.Increase safety by tracking your drivers 

Allow drivers to compete for business leader board positions by driving safely, effectively, and efficiently. Connect driver and vehicle data to track your crew’s whereabouts and assist them in developing safe driving habits. 

With a variety of configuration options and an inexpensive monthly fee, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a robust fleet tracking system from one of the largest telematics providers in the United States. 

3.Obtain the assistance you require 

From strategy to implementation, integration, and training, we are committed to assisting you in maximizing your performance, return on investment, and bottom line. 

4.To promote safety, keep an eye on driver conduct 

View video clips of dangerous driving incidents that occur within minutes of their occurrence. Determine the severity of an incident using harsh driving classifications to assist you in improving driver safety and coaching your drivers. With neutral footage, you can help limit risk and liabilities. 

5.Mobile application Spotlight 

Our GPS fleet tracking mobile apps enables you to conduct business on the go.  View vehicles and assets on a real-time map, track a driver’s whereabouts, view vehicle activity and route history, and receive notifications regarding driver conduct. 

6.Enterprise fleet management software 

Organizations with hundreds or thousands of resources require additional capabilities—additional options, modifications, support, and training. We collaborate with enterprise fleets to provide a customized solution for your business. 

  • Increase your access to data on your vehicles, employees, and assets 
  • Calculate forecasting, job planning, and route sequencing metrics 
  • Connect to different platforms using pre-built connectors 
  • Possess a range of hardware alternatives, including those associated with OEMs 

How to implement a GPS tracking system? 

To install a GPS tracking system, you can use geo-fencing, which triggers an alarm when the car deviates from established routes. 

The initial step 

When it comes to installing a GPS tracking device on your vehicle, the first step is to locate a power source. 

Step two:

Insert the active device into the casing at this point. Choose a location for the device inside your automobile in such a way that it has no chance of being exposed to anyone. 

Step three: 

The final step is to verify that the device has been installed correctly. After securing the case in a secure and concealed section of your vehicle, take it for a short drive. 

What are the advantages of GPS tracking for fleets? 

Do you wish to minimize your transportation business’s operational costs and increase its productivity? A GPS tracking system is required to get started. 

1.Saves time 

Occasionally, your fleet will become trapped in traffic for several minutes. With an effective fleet management system, your fleet managers will be able to direct drivers in real time to avoid congested roadways. 

2.Minimize downtime 

Reduced downtime is critical for increasing a transportation company’s production and profitability. 

3.Improved Safety 

With AI-enabled fleet management software & dash cams we enable fleet managers to track & analyze poor driving patterns like over speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering etc.

Dash cams allow managers to get deeper visibility on road rage, traffic violations & distracted driving. 

4.Minimize Fuel Costs 

Our GPS vehicle tracking solution alerts transport managers about the unauthorized vehicle use with the help of work calendar & vehicle dispatching modules.

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Unauthorized use of vehicles can end up making significant increase in fuel costs, so our advanced GPS tracking device makes sure that drivers are taking the most optimized routes & travel with the most effective fuel use 

5.Lowers Operational Costs 

With our GPS vehicle tracking software you can get instant insights & access to the problems faced by the transport managers daily. This will help streamline processes and quickly helps to mitigate costs that existed for a longer period of time. 

6.Increased Productivity 

Our GPS vehicle tracking system monitors the times spent by the drivers and other personnel’s at the loading bay, job sites & other locations to ensure their productivity. This way you can eliminate waste time & streamline processes much more effectively. 

7.Theft Recovery 

Protect your vehicles and other valuable assets with our state of the art GPS tracking device. With the help of our work calendar you can easily monitor and quickly identify the unauthorized use of your assets. If your vehicle is stolen or entered a location outside the designated area you will receive instant alerts. 

8.Maximize Vehicle Utilization    

With our GPS software you can get the most out of your fleets. Transport managers can use the data and analysis gathered from the GPS tracking software to assess and remove over-speeding, vehicle idle time and decrease fuel consumption. 

9.Optimize Resources   

GPS solutions allows transport managers to monitor their vehicles and get detailed insights on driver behavior, fuel usage, engine idling, etc., in real time. With the data acquired from our GPS vehicle tracking system, you can utilize your resources efficiently and identify key cost-saving areas. 

10.Reduce Insurance Costs 

Another great benefit of a implementing a advanced GPS fleet tracking software is the insurance costs. Insurance companies give out special discounts to vehicle that implement GPS trackers in their dashboards. On some places you can get up to 35% off on your premium insurance cost. 


Utilize a advanced GPS fleet tracking software to get the most out of your transportation trucks. Your fleet managers will be able to use the GPS tracking software’s data and analysis to remove vehicle idle time, reduce over-speeding, and cut fuel consumption.