Top 5 School Transport Services in UAE

Top 5 School Transport Services in UAE

Transporting children from home and school is a process requires additional attention and care. It entails serious responsibilities and duties as well.

Though there are several service providers, the reliable and secure commuting service providers are few in school transportation sector.

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However, let’s see some of the school transport service providers which are equipped with trained school bus drivers, staffs, security and with all safety standards.

1. School Transport Services (STS)

STS is a recognized school transport service provider honored by the prestigious quality measuring bodies of the transportation sector in UAE.

Built on the foundation of safety and security STS offers a safe journey for the students.

Embedded with efficient fleet management technologies they ensure reliable school transportation service for every student.


In addition, every school bus of STS is mounded with real-time monitoring devices such as camera, GPS tracking devices, smart cards.

Following and recommending stringent codes of conduct STS promises the behavior of drivers and staff are good enough.

Further, providing conductor service for every bus and appropriate care for students of all age, STS is functioning as a valued school transportation service provider.


  • Customized Service Plans
  • Live Control-room-operation
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Parent smart App
  • Well Trained Driver
  • Safety Measures
  • Well Maintained Vehicle

2. Arab falcon Bus Rental LLC

Functioning as one of the best reliable and secure school and staff transportation service provider, Arab falcon Bus rental LLC is a promising transportation service provider.

Offering an exclusive customer care service for parents they guarantee a tense-free school transportation service.

Powered with advanced GPS technologies and efficient fleet management systems they are providing transparent transport service for students.

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Also, keeping the local as well as national standers Arab Falcon Bus Rental has been serving as a reputed school transportation service provider around UAE.


  • Regular Inspection
  • Safety Measures
  • Security surveillance
  • Trained driver
  • Foreman Service
  • Customer Care
  • Real-time Tracking
  • CCTV Surveillance

3. Fancy Transport

With a legacy of more than 15 years Fancy Transport is functioning as an established transportation service provider in UAE.

Offering an affordable and equally comfortable shuttling service they are synonymous in supplying quality School transit service.

As the top large scale transportation provider their services are far and wide.

Including daily commuting service and one side conveyance service they are capable enough to carry out any sort of transportation with automated scheduling and fleet management technologies.

Their services spans over school transportation, crew transit, city tour trips, short conveyance etc. and all this can be tailored according to the requirements as well.


  • Tailor-made Service
  • Security Enabled
  • Safety Features
  • School Bus Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking

4. Swat Transport

Swat is a passenger conveyance service supplier thriving in bus rental service across the UAE.

Including school, staff transportation and long lease rental service their operations extents all across UAE in bus renting business.

Furnished with all kind of wagons that can afford 10- 84 people at a time, Swat provides buses for small family trips to corporates trips for transnational corporations.

Further, they are readily open for cater to any kind of customer bus requirement.

Their expert driver and support team ensures to provide a well-organized and safe commute for school students without composmising the safety standards and policies.


  • Trained Driver
  • Safety Measures
  • RTA & DOT compliance
  • Customized Service
  • Real-time Monitoring

5. Shanawaz Group

As a professional bus rental enterprise in UAE, Shanawaz Group is a big-boss in this industry since years.

Complying with all security and safety constraints their buses are serving the schools with due diligence.

Importantly, concentrating on safety, security and comfort of travelers, they are very attentive in keeping it on the track.

Without compromising any of the safety and security measures Shanawas Group has been diligently working to deliver a promising transit for student across UAE.


  • RFID Tracker
  • GPS Trackers
  • CCTV Footage
  • Petrol Engine Bus
  • Trained Driver
  • Air Condition
  • RTA & DOT compliance


Though school transportation is an intense task to manage, it is always better to have a research before jumping on to the offers of service providers.

Also, we have to assure of whether the promised facilities are keeping up or not.

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The selection of school bus drivers, staffs and the functioning of the entire operation have to be considered prior to picking the right supplier.

Hope this list helps you to find the best school transport service providers in UAE.