10 Best Car Insurance Companies In Dubai – UAE

10 Best Car Insurance Companies In Dubai – UAE

A vehicle insurance policy is mandatory for every vehicle owner whether it be cars- small passenger or luxury, or heavy vehicles-commercial trucks or trailers. In the UAE, a motor insurance policy is a must.

The motor insurance policy protects the car from unforeseen damages.  Losses incurred due to theft, fire and accidents are covered by the insurance.


There are two types of insurance policies – comprehensive insurance which covers losses arising from theft, fire or accidents and third party insurance – which helps to cover damages caused by your car to a third party.

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The various insurance companies offer different options. It would be worth the while to check out all of them before opting for a vehicle insurance policy. Listed are companies in UAE offering motor insurance policies.

1. Axa Car Insurance


AXA insurance is one of the top insurance brands available in UAE. It is ranked no. 1 globally. AXA provides both comprehensive and third party insurance. 

Their online portal offers 10% discount if the insurance is availed online. Claims can be submitted online or by calling customer care.

AXA offers GCC cover, Oman extension cover, agency repair, 24/7 roadside assistance, off-road cover. Besides, the insurance will get the RTA inspection done if required.

AXA offers pick up and drop off services to the repair centers and back.  Fire and theft cover, and also insurance on personal belongings while travelling by car can be availed if and when required.

2. Oman Insurance Company


Oman Insurance Co. has been providing motor insurance for more than 30 years in the UAE.  They provide both comprehensive and third party liability insurance to both commercial and private vehicles.

The insurance offers GCC cover, Oman extension cover, agency repair and 24/7 road assistance.  They also offer protection from natural disasters. Personal accident cover for both driver and passengers up to Dhs. 200,000/- and third party liability up to a maximum of 3500000/- can be availed. Emergency medical expenses of Dhs. 5000/- per head and Dhs.2500/- for loss of personal effects can be availed.

3. AIG Car Insurance


AIG is known for being a ‘one stop’ insurance portal offering quick and customized services.  Their policies are designed for keeping customer’s safety as a priority. Their online services provide fresh quotes, helps in the renewal of insurance, and assists in car hire replacement. 

The insurance policy is valid for 13 months. The benefits offered by AIG include GCC cover, roadside assistance, agency repair, ambulance fees, off-road cover, dent repair, car hire and 12 months waiver of depreciation.

4. Noor Takaful Car Insurance


Noor Takaful insurance provides extensive coverage plans for both loss and damage to vehicle and person. They provide both comprehensive and third party insurance.

The insurance offers agency repair, 24/ 7 roadside assistance, off road cover and Oman coverage. They provide cover for damage or loss to the car, new car replacement, medical expenses, wind screen damages and loss of personal belongings.

5. Al Fujairah National Insurance Company


Al Fujairah insurance, one of the oldest, has been providing insurance cover for 40 odd years. This insurance has a wide clientele in the UAE. The insurance provides both comprehensive and third party cover.

Motor insurance cover offers agency repair and non-agency repair at any of the garages. The insurance also provides cover for theft, fire, collision, external explosion, overturning, accidents etc.

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Third party coverage includes property damage, bodily injury or death to the third party.  The benefits include driver and passenger cover to a maximum of Dhs. 200000/-, natural disasters, Oman cover and emergency roadside assistance.

6. Orient Insurance


Orient Insurance is also known as Motor Plus. The insurance provides benefits to customers in the UAE and also around the world. The insurance covers third party property damage to a maximum of Dhs.1, 000,000/-

The insurance covers repair at dealer or agency workshops in the first 3 years of the vehicle.  They provide Oman coverage, off-road cover and road side assistance.

The insurance offers protection against natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, storms and earthquakes, strikes and riots. Loss of personal belongings due to fire or theft up to Dhs.1000/- and emergency medical expenses, arising due to an accident, of up to Dhs. 500/- per person can be availed.

7. Tokio Marine Motor Insurance


Tokio Marine provides both comprehensive and third party cover to motorists.  This insurance covers the car even when driven by an unauthorized driver. Legal liability fees are covered free of charge.

This insurance provides 3 years of agency repair, off-road cover and Oman coverage.  Vehicles can be repaired at a garage of your choice for small claims.

The insurance covers natural disasters. Personal accident benefit cover can be availed.

Third party liability of up to Dhs. 5 million can be availed. This liability can be extended to non-owned and non-hired vehicles also.

8. Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co


Abu Dhabi National is the best insurer in Abu Dhabi and UAE. They provide insurance cover to both individuals and corporate users. The benefits offered include 13 months cover, agency repair up to 3 years, roadside assistance. Free towing services in case of mechanical breakdowns, free battery boosting, free puncture repairs, free fuel delivery are offered.

Emergency medical expenses and loss of personal items in the car due to fire or theft is covered.

Third party liability includes death or injury to any person except the insured or the driver and damages to property and material of a third party.

9. Gargash Insurance


Gargash Insurance Company provides customized solutions to suit the requirements of new car insurance or renewal of existing car insurance.

The company provides extended agency repairs to 5 years, GCC cover, Oman Cover and Off-road cover. They offer a free car registration facility.

Personal accident cover for driver and passengers, accident and breakdown cover, rent-a-car cover can be availed. The insurance offers protection against natural calamities.

Comprehensive cover is provided up to 10 years from the date of first registration of the vehicle. Third party liability covers up to AED 5 million can be availed.

10. Salama Takaful Insurance


Salama Takaful provides motor comprehensive, motor comprehensive (third party) and vehicle export insurance. In motor comprehensive, the company provides cover against loss or damage of the vehicle due to accidents. 

The insurance protects against theft or burglary and any damage due to external explosion, self ignition and fire.

Third party cover for damages to material and property or death and injury can be availed.

The main criteria when deciding on a policy is the extent of coverage offered and the premium the company will charge for the cover. The premium or the cost of insurance depends on the age of the vehicle, the vehicle type, the model and brand of vehicle, driver’s age, driving experience, etc.

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Prompt service, an easy comprehensive policy and no fuss claim services are the other criteria that would help in choosing a policy.

Motor insurance companies are many and the benefits offered are varied. It would be advisable to compare the policies of minimum five companies before a selection is made. It is up to the vehicle owner to opt for the best suited to his requirement.