Upto Dh3000 Fine Awaiting Unclean Vehicles In UAE!

Upto Dh3000 Fine Awaiting Unclean Vehicles In UAE!

The gleaming city roads of Dubai are zero-tolerant to anything that fades its aesthetics serenity anywhere across the streets.

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Seemingly, as a move to make it a speckles adorable city, Dubai municipality has start warning residents to clean their vehicles.


By issuing such a rule, Dubai governments giving out an advice to the vehicle owners to take care of their vehicles.

unclean-vehicles in dubai

This law not only meant to keep the city clean from dusty vehicles but also to avoid unnecessary heaping of abandoned vehicles on the streets.

Any vehicle that is found abandoned and dirty for a pretty long period over the public parking spaces will be noticed to wash it.

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If the vehicle owners fail to adhere to the municipality rules within 15 days from the issue of notice, for keeping an untidy vehicle in a public space the vehicle can cost Dh500 as fine.


The charges involving in the violation is not limited to just a fine. The vehicles would be towed away and impounded by the law and enforcements forces. 

In addition, the towing charge, parking rent and other expenses will be incurred from the violators. Vehicles which are never settling the penalty charges will be auctioned by the concerned department.


To prevent ourselves from being victimized for such a hefty fine is making sure our vehicles are quite clean at least outwardly.

Further, if you are going for a long trip, don’t just leave your car at public parking spaces instead find some confined space as if garages, friend’s house, private car parking lots.


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Washing your vehicle once in a week may help to prevent unnecessary fines. Especially, over the sandy and windy climate of UAE the probability of getting exposed to dust winds are common. Thus, a few days are enough to make our vehicle seems quite unkempt.