Desert Driving – Complete Guide

Desert Driving – Complete Guide

Whereas driving in the desert is as crazy as a thrilling off-road trip. It takes a lot of tricks and effort for enjoying the ride. Of all the kinds of off-road vibes, desert driving has a pretty amazingly beautiful experience.

The sand dunes, the outcrops and the steep sandy cliffs fill us with the thrill of adventure.

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In fact, in Dubai, desert refers to an expanse of sand dunes designed for free drive and adventure sports. Over there, desert driving is not an exhausting hauling beneath the scorching sun.

However, desert driving really demands uncommon skills in driving and required a few additional precautions.


To sheer across the sand dunes and outcrops few more unusual quirks are essential. Mostly in tackling the fine sand sea and keeping the momentum with lower gears ratios.

Also, the vehicle that carries the travelers has to be equipped well to surf over the sandy high and low terrains.

Let’s know more,

Suitable Vehicles for Desert Driving:

Desert driving is not a cup for all runabouts. It takes certain exceptional caliber to surf over the fine scorching sand. Normally, nothing less than a 4WD is essential for a desert trip. However, souped-up two-wheel-drive vehicles can be also used over the sandy terrains.

Vehicles with high and low range gear ratios will help to tackle the puzzling terrains to upkeep the momentum and movement. Further, vehicles equipped with diff-locks, automatic gear and tire inflation system will lessen our effort in desert driving.

Let’s see few recommended vehicles for desert driving.

  • Toyota land Cruiser
  • Volvo Cross Country XC70
  • Jeep wrangler Rubicon Unlimited
  • Subaru Forester
  • Mercedes G-class
  • Ford Raptor
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Suzuki Samurai

Essential Equipment’s for desert driving:

Unsolicited would be most of the incidents in a desert adventure ride. Yeah, there is no adventure in keeping everything under control. But, we have to equip enough to surpass any stumbling moments across our trip.

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Especially, in the desert, we cannot expect everything will happen in favorable for us. Many of our staple rescue techniques may not necessarily work as usual. More of the times, we have to rely on specific tools and precautions to skips those troubles.

Hence, we required to carry few tools and safety measure for a hassle-free desert ride.

Such as:

  • A well serviced 4WD vehicle with all off-roading add-ons.
  • Heavy duty towing ropes and rescue tools (shovels, traction board, jack, tool kitand winch).
  • Spare air checked tire and foot pump.
  • GPS, Mobile Phone, portable charger and printed map.
  • First aid kit, food and water
  • Torch, cap and shades.

Preferred Driving Practice

Driving in desert is no monkey business. It takes serious practice and skills. Bashing over the dunes requires specific driving practices.

There are certain speed ratios and terrain rules to abide by for sheering across the desert. A slight ignorance may drown our wagons into the sand sea.

From the selection of a route to the prediction of weather matters in desert riding itinerates. A handful of serious training even for skilled on-road drivers is most recommendable for a safe and secure desert-ride.

Since the terrain and the environment is quite new for everyone, we have to exercise the recommended mode of conduct while driving on the desert.

  • Select the suitable route chart.
  • Ensure all relevant documents including safari guide permits and Insurance.
  • Maintain enough speed and avoid hasty breaking.
  • Try to balance the vehicle with its weight.
  • Plan before stopping; prefer gentle downhill to take a break.
  • Avoid breaking at the messy surfaces and while moving up.
  • Keep distance between other wagons and be in their visibility.
  • Adjust the tire pressure appropriately for the route condition.
  • Have an eye over the rocks and desert habitats.

Time and Location

The itch for thrill while driving across desert is amazing. However, it all depends upon the degree of safety that we can assure on the journey.

Though a crazy desert trip cannot be list under a safe journey, we can ensure a safe journey by some cautious practices. Finding a healthy seating position to picking a challenging but secure route matters in a desert drive.

Hence while selecting the location and time, there have to give room for few precautious decisions.

  • Keep the pace under control; decide the speed seeing the terrain.
  • Sticking to the prefixed route avoids additional risk.
  • Be seated comfortably and buckle yourself.
  • Higher the seats for a better path visibility.
  • While driving keep your thumps outside.
  • Going as a group is recommended.
  • Survey your visible location always.
  • Avoid night driving.

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Desert driving is a wholesome experience. The expedition brings new vibes and cheers our heart. However, it takes some factors to consider and matters to follow. Keeping all of it doubles our journey and ensures our safety either.

Have a happy desert drive!