Do You Know The Real Efficiency Of Your Vehicle?

Do You Know The Real Efficiency Of Your Vehicle?

Technically, the term ‘efficiency’ means- the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine. But, economically, it is the expected productivity.

Nevertheless, how the vehicles that are manufactured with the same efficiency, components and care become dissimilar when it comes to performance and productivity on the road?

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The purposes of all vehicles are the same, transportation. But, to ensure a comfortable conveyance, it takes periodic maintenance and proper care. Also, if the vehicle fails to bring a productive outcome, it is not efficient for our business.

Once Mr. Zygmunt Bauman said, Relationships, like cars, should undergo regular services to make sure they are still roadworthy.

Likewise, it’s all depends on the way we take care of the vehicle. Plus, the terrains, driving practice, timely maintenance, and appropriate care involve in determining its efficiency.

What is the efficiency of a vehicle in our business?

The term efficiency comprises a number of meanings. In the automobile sector, the term efficiency is more related to fuel economy and the performance of the engine.

In a business setting, the efficiency of a vehicle can be defined as the influence of the vehicle in increasing productivity continuously.

In short, vehicle efficiency can be defined as the ability of a vehicle to deliver expected performance continually at the best within the compliance.

It largely depends upon the collective ability of engine, fuel, design, drive train, weight, aerodynamics, timely services, proper maintenance, driving behavior, and terrains.

Today, the definition touches the environmental requirements such as carbon emission and type of fuel, and safety standards as well.

How does the efficiency of a vehicle falling and impacts the business?

It was a matter of wonder on the past, not now, to find out, how vehicles are losing their efficiency over time. People confused a lot around the vehicles to figure out the exact problems.

Luckily, we are blessed with advanced technologies as if fleet management systems and software’s to find out those haunting problems.

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More often, productivity falls down because of poor maintenance and bad driving behavior of vehicles.

The unhealthy driving practices such as abrupt acceleration and deceleration, reckless driving, sudden braking, unnecessary idling, rash gear shifting, improper service, irregular maintenance, rough terrains worsen the efficiency of the vehicle over time.


Since each part contributes a lot to the productivity of our vehicle. We cannot overlook a single scratch over the vehicle. If the light fails to get dim and bright on time, it may cause critical problems across the way.

Same is the case of every part of a vehicle. So, the ignorance of the driver also plays an important role.

Hence, the loss of each productive moment due to the vehicles inefficiency will amount to a huge loss for the business.

How can we maintain efficiency?

To achieve sustainable efficiency, we need a sustainable way to take care of our vehicles. Moreover, finding out the exact issue is another reason that helps to maintain efficiency.

The clear real-time status of the vehicle and the way it has been handled is the best method that helps us to find out how the efficiency of vehicles is declining. Hence, all we need is a broad eye to monitor and analyze the vehicles and their drivers.

Preventing irresponsible driving behavior, unbearable loads, and unhealthy routes help us to maintain the efficiency of vehicles immensely.

Also, observing the fuel consumption rate on different trips, foreseeing the hurdles on the road, equipping the vehicle for all weather enables us to optimize productivity.


Hence, to yield the real efficiency of our vehicle, it requires all-inclusive vehicle management practice. Starting from monitoring the small parts of the vehicle, we have to maintain and meet every requirement for the uninterrupted and efficient vehicle operation.

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Further, if you have fleets of vehicle, you have to give the same attention for every vehicle at the same time.

Analyzing all aspects of the vehicles including maintenance, driver, weather, seasons and the purpose, we have to be an efficient fleet manager all the way.