The word taxi is a metonym for the hired cars which uses the taximeter. A taximeter is an electronic or mechanical device embedded with the cabs to calculate passenger fares based on the distance traveled and waiting time.

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Initially, taximeters ware a mechanical device which was mounted outside the cabs in front of the driver side above the wheels. Since the arrival of electronic meters in 1980s, they found space inside the cab.

As time flows new innovations were made to the device making it smarter, and easier for the users. Today, taxi meters are well equipped with all sort of technologies.

The electronic meters came with a set of features and accessories such as,

  • Fraud control and prevention
  • Dispatching of trip assignments
  • Radio communication
  • Interaction with GPS systems
  • Credit/ prepaid card support
  • Ticket/receipt printer
  • Seat sensors
  • Bluetooth and USB support

This whitepaper portrait the best taximeters available in the market today based on its features.

1. Equinox P/G


Approved by the CE 2014/32/UE directive and working on an Android OS platform the Equinox P/G has already revolutionized the taxi industry. Utilizing speed sensors, Integrated Fiscalisation and state of the art hardware equipments the Equinox P/G is providing you with every component required for efficient fleet management.

The Equinox P/G is unique in the industry because of its unrivalled features such as

  • Fights Tax Evasion
  • Expanding Options of Payment
  • Digital Communication
  • Extensive Safety Measures
  • Technical Specifications
  • Cutting  Edge Technology

2. Digitax Force One


DigitaxForceOne is the first taximeter which has a mobile data terminal that has a Type P-MID (2004/22/EC Directive) and OIML R21 Certifications.

DigitaxForceOne is a unique taximeter with embedded Navigation functionalities and mobile data terminal. With internal features like a high precision GPS receiver and a GPRS module the device is able to generate user applications for dispatching taxi, for effectively managing the fleets, and manifesting the taximeter data.

The DigitaxForceOne has two CPU’s and runs on a Microsoft Windows CE Operating System. The primary processor of this device provides all the functionalities of the taximeter and the secondary processor handles the functionalities of the Mobile Data Terminal.

3. Force One Navigator


The ForceOne Navigator is a compact ALL-IN-ONE solution for fleet management and job dispatching from Digitax Automotive Electronics.

With one USB Device (up to 2 Serial Ports) and two USB Hosts, the device offers communicational channels with the outside environment. The DigitaxForceOne Navigator consists of two memory disks

  • Flash drive: Stores applications and data of the device
  • Micro SD: Used for storing large data like maps, logs, images, movies and device backup.

The ForceOne Navigator comes with a special operating mode called the stealth mode in which the system is working while the display is off. The stealth mode has three advantages

  • Driver Control
  • Alarm managing
  • Ghost Mode

4. X-One Plus


The X-One Plus is the state-of-the-art, compact solution for fleet management and job dispatching from Digitax Automotive Electronics.

The I/O panel of the DigitaxX-One Plus consists of one USB OTG / Device (up to 7 Serial Ports) and two Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Hosts. The X-One Plus comes with a double boot feature which allows the device to boot from two different microSDHC.

The DigitaxX-One plus Navigator also comes with a special operating mode called the stealth mode. The stealth mode has three advantages

  • Driver Control
  • Alarm managing
  • Ghost Mode

5. F4 Slim


Certified by E-MARK, OIML notified body and European MID the F4 Slim taximeter is the new generation state of the art smart taximeter.

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The F4 Slim satisfiesevery international standard for Taximeters set by the“OIML R21” of the “International Organization of Legal Metrology”.

6. F4 Plus


The innovative F4 plus taximeter comes from a line of new generation smart taximeters.

The art F4 plus satisfies all international regulations set forward by “OIML R21” of the “International Organization of Legal Metrology”, and is certified by European MID, OIML notified body, and E-MARK.

The art F4 plus smart taximeter is embedded with several components such as:

  • GPS receiver module with built-in antenna
  • Taximeter module
  • 3G modem/ GPRS with built-in antenna
  • Bluetooth module
  • Inertial accelerator
  • Printer

7. Panther P6S


Manufactured with a professional design and techniques, which satisfies the needs of every professional driver the PANTHER P6S is a modernized taximeter.

 Available in three variants (fare, black, and gray) its major advantages is elegance, practicality and small size. Due to its small size the device can be easily installed and dismantled in any vehicle.

The PANTHER P6S is approved with respect to the European standards 2004/22 EC MID

8. Hale SPT-02


With years of experience in this field HALE offers the SPT-02 for the future. This is the second edition of the unrivalled integration of the software and quality mirror.

HALE SPT-02 made breakthrough by setting standards in quality and performance. Several integrations like the CiA CAN protocol in a taximeter was introduced with this product.

The HALE SPT-02 is now accessible with MID approval for the complete EU and all the features of SPT-01.

9. Panther P6C


Categorized under small taximeters the PANTHER P6C satisfies the requirements of every professional cab driver.

The PANTHER P6C is approved with respect to European standards 2004/22 EC MID. The major advantages of this taximeter are its contemporary look, small size, and clear indications. Because of its mini size this device can be easily installed or dismantled in any vehicle.

10. Hale Microtax-06


HALE Microtax-06 is a simple taximeter which is easy to install since it’s in the size of a radio.TheHALE Microtax-06taximeter is an all-rounder defined by its stylish design, multiple functions and illuminated keys.

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Commonly known as the perfect taximeter for taxi fleets and single proprietors the HALE Microtax-06 will prepare you for the future.

The famous HALE extension products like Cab Dispatch for remote vehicle tracking and multiport printer TPD-01 can be easily integrated with this device.

Without demounting the device you can easily install software extensions via flashable program memory.


Like any other electronic product, technology has overturned the way taxi meters worked date back. The different types of taxi meters with diversified functionalities are making the commercial fleet industry easy and hassle-free. All we have to do is understand the requirements and pick the right product.

Hope you got all the relevant information about taxi meter. Have a good day.