It is a motto for everyone to make their organization flourish successfully and keep it on track with fleet management app. But keeping all these assets profitable and growing at the same time is a real juggle. You must be having a hard time keeping everything running smoothly, with all the vehicles and drivers to keep account of on paper. Keep reading to find a solution to all your distress!


Meet Our Vehicle Tracking System!

You must be in want of an application to manage your fleet and pieces of equipment that will make your work easier. Meet our vehicle tracking system! This is a fleet management system that helps you proactively manage your commercial vehicles from anywhere you are with only one easy-to-use platform. This application is available both in the web version as well as Android and IOS version so that you can access your assets while in your workplace and even while being outside.

Between maintenance schedules, fuel receipts, vehicle inspections, driver assignments, recalls, and much more, it can seem impossible not to drop the ball. From acquisition to disposal, this software manages your fleet and helps you proactively manage every task in the asset’s lifecycle from anywhere with one easy-to-use platform. Maximize your time by using PMs programs based on manufacturer recommendations or custom intervals based on utilization.

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How Does This App Work?

Download our app on your mobile or open the webpage and get yourself registered first. Then proceed by making an account and then add all the vehicles and assets you have, the number of vehicles you own, the number of drivers, their information, and everything. Do not worry; you won’t have to do this always, just this one time, and you are done. This app will keep track of everything after this.

Add unlimited users to your fleet management account and share the responsibility of managing everything across your organization. Receive reminders like repairs, periodic servicing, location of the vehicles, or even forecast service needs based on usage. Get a clear view of program compliance, helping you to keep your vehicles healthy.

This also makes it easy to manage unplanned maintenance, with real-time reporting from the field. Drivers and operators can perform configurable inspections in minutes using a smartphone and launch issues from anywhere, notifying you of necessary repairs instantly. With the smart texting option, you can talk to your employees in real-time. Streamline the entire maintenance process to ensure that all PMS and repairs are completed on time.

Whether you handle maintenances from the office or visit different workshops, this app enables an efficient process resolution while providing detailed data all the while. Check out some of the best features that this application has to offer:

Real-Time Tracking Of Your Assets

It is not always possible to keep track of every vehicle, where they are or where they are going. But with this fleet manager, it is possible. A fleet manager can monitor the vehicles efficiently and swiftly with our software for fleet management. You can track their real-time location within a matter of moments.

Manage the entire maintenance lifecycle from anywhere. Inventory managers can even receive parts from multiple warehouses whenever they need them for repairs and manage the location of each, down to aisle, row, and bin.

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How Does This App Work?

Receive Push Notification

Our system provides real-time notifications and alerts to your device, to the fleet manager as well as to drivers, instantly. The time needed to communicate with drivers and coordinate with them will be saved.

Communicate with technicians and other stakeholders within a work order and avoid any kind of delays and errors which happen due to poor communication. Receive push notifications regarding new comments and added status changes made by the members using the group.

Mobile Application

We have 2 powerful fleet management system that keeps you ahead of your tasks:

  • Vehicle Tracking Driver App – This is for the drivers
  • Vehicle Tracking Manager App – This is for fleet managers

This helps to divide the tasks accordingly making things effortless and efficient. This application is available both in android phones as well as IOS devices, other than that there is also the web version.

Use Of AI Technology

Our system integrates AI to enhance your fleet management experience. With an auto-routing tech facility fleet managers can determine the optimized route according to your journey.

Geo-fencing Tech

This enables users to generate a pre-determined boundary within which the vehicles should operate. With a smart alarm system, the app notifies you if drivers ever cross that boundary.

Vehicle And Fuel Management

Our system’s advanced features enable you to receive vehicle maintenance alerts which help you to manage vehicle fleet efficiently and curtail unnecessary fuel expenses. Drivers can enter fill-ups on the go whenever they need fuel. Or even you can integrate your fuel cards to automatically lock transactions anytime and unlock a powerful fuel comb matrix.

Powerful tools allow you to see your operations cost in real-time. Track expenses and asset utilization, understand the total cost of ownership, and determine the optimal time to replace your assets.


Users can make individual reports for particular vehicles, trips, etc. based on these reports, you can implement your overall fleet performance and the probability of your business will increase thereby.

Other than that, to keep your vehicles healthy, you need to send them for regular checkups to ensure they are fit and fine to operate anytime. Assign repairs to in-house technicians, track labor, and even parts and inventory. Outsource the work to your favorite independent or national shops, and manage approvals online only. No need to personally contact every repair house to take appointments. Close the loop on every task and analyze the maintenance of your vehicles with ease.

Fleet managers can also add issues to work orders and assign them to in-house technicians where mechanics can clock in and out of service line items. Finally, add parts in detailed costs to quickly resolve issues and get the vehicles back on the road quickly.

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While on the road, no one can anticipate if one of your vehicles will get a nail stuck on their tire or when they need to fill up their tank. Drivers can report such issues from the road on this chatroom feature to let you know. Complete with on sight photos and comments on what exactly has happened, find nearby shops to complete those repairs then. They can even contact the repair shops themselves and get bookings if the issues are small and can be done quickly, through the app only.

Built For Teamwork

This is where fleet management system teams come and go to manage the health of their assets. Modern and easy to use, drivers, technicians, and parts managers can manage everything about their vehicles and equipment and communicate in real-time about top priorities to keep their assets rolling and profitable. Manage asset assignments, update details, coordinate maintenance, and check tools in and out with ease.

Control Over Staff Access

Different employees have access to portions of work that are only relevant to them or granted access based on their role. This helps them stay on track and top of their assigned assets. Smart reminders from the app ensure nothing slips through the cracks of workload. Set down what users can add or edit with special permissions, or you can even give them read-only access.

  • Collaboration based on permission
  • Settings according to the role of the user
  • Customizable data views
  • Tailored notifications


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Benefits you receive

Wherever you are, stay in sync with your work all the time. Get access to data in real-time while managing multiple fleets. See all the benefits you get in this app at a glance:

  • Profitable – save time and money by installing our fleet management software
  • Error-free – get error-free and accurate fleet management
  • Enhanced communication – send and receive instructions and notifications
  • Improved customer service –quickly respond to queries and doubts of customers
  • Increased efficiency – augment driver efficiency to increase performance
  • Enhanced safety – enhances the safety of your vehicles as well as drivers
  • Automated reports – get reports automatically sent to you
  • Lower vehicle replacement rate – periodic alerts and maintenance reports increase vehicle performance and lower replacement rates

Maintaining your fleet should not be complicated but should be automated. Stop asking the questions about what has been done or what needs to be done; instead, just keep track of every detail regarding your fleet. Make communications between your managers, vendors, drivers, technicians, admin, and stronger with this one app.


It is where fleet management happens. It complements our modern web base management software. Start the free trial today to begin charging toward the best, most productive version of your fleet. We hope that this article was helpful to you; if you have further queries on anything, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help.